10 Ways to Increase Your Hustle Game

10 Ways to Increase Your Hustle Game

I have been stuck inside for the past week with a sick child and have had family staying so I have been off my game the past week. The middle of winter, the grey weather, sickness and bugs can bring you down and stop you from moving forward or at least slow your progress. How do we pick ourselves up and get back into being super productive after a slump in productivity?

Here are 10 ways that I will be increasing my hustle over the next week:

1. Recognise your state: Know when you are spiralling downward rather than upward and recognise any less than desirable behaviours in yourself that are only going to keep you down. Stop any negative, addictive type behaviours or thinking that keep you stuck!

2. Go on a ‘positive only’ mental diet: Read uplifting books, watch uplifting videos, keep moving, keep exercising!

3. Take action: Figure out your next actions on any current projects. Schedule small actions every day that will keep you moving forward positively in all of your projects.

4. Tick off something big: At times we feel a bit ‘stuck’ because we have a big task that we have been procrastinating on. Sometimes things seem so much larger or scarier in our minds than in reality. Think hard about what you might be putting off and plan to do it today or as soon as possible. Getting a big thing crossed off will give you lots of positive momentum to move forward.

5. Get rid of perfection: Producing something is always better than nothing. Seemingly small wins every day will eventually lead to big wins in the future so NEVER. GIVE. UP!

6. Review your current goals: Sometimes a complete review of all your goals is necessary to renew your focus and breathe new life into your days.

7. Think big: Are your goals big enough? Don’t place limits on yourself – dream big and create big goals for yourself. Whenever I start to think negatively about my goals and capabilities I think about stories I have heard about people who have done amazing things. Richard Branson, for example, started Virgin Airlines with no prior Airline knowledge!

8. Set deadlines: All goals need to have DEADLINES or DUE DATES. This is so important! Also, don’t create the due date too far in the future. Push yourself to achieve your goals as soon as possible.

9. Don’t let failure define you: We will all fail at things and make mistakes this is how we learn and grow. Don’t let failure define you and stop you from creating something new. Learn from your failures, fix things, and make things better! We should always be striving for growth.

10. Create a clear vision: You need to have a clear vision of what the hustle is for and it is even better if you create a reason that is much bigger than yourself! I love the idea of creating a vision board of photos and words that motivate and inspire. You could even create a vision slideshow that you watch every morning. Either way, it needs to be something that you see every day and encourages you to stay on your game!

What do you do to stay on your hustle game?

Beth xxoo