3 Steps to Let Go of Perfection!

It rained heavily all weekend and I ended up staying in and doing a marathon of Alex Ikonn’s vlogs on YouTube! He would best be described as a serial entrepreneur. He started with his then girlfriend, now wife Mimi Ikonn the e-commerce site Luxyhair.com which became hugely successful relatively quickly. He started vlogging about how he runs his multiple businesses and his life around a year ago and I am finding it really inspiring! In his vlogs, he shows his daily interactions with a lot of top entrepreneurs and he often asks them questions that might be relevant for aspiring entrepreneurs.

This is a favourite question of his;

What is the one piece of advice you would give people who are wanting to start a business?

The vast majority of entrepreneurs gave advice similar to these three things which I will discuss in more detail below:

1. Don’t overthink/over plan/over analyse!
I remember at business school they would often talk about ‘analysis paralysis’ when you can’t move forward because you are overthinking everything. I think some planning in advance can be a good thing, however, there is a lot to be said for figuring things out as you go along! I think what really stops a lot of entrepreneurs from launching is too much ‘overthinking’ and ‘over-planning’ and I myself are completely guilty of this! When you put your name to something you really want it to be perfect. But there is no perfect and learning and making things better really comes from real world testing so you have to get something out there. You can then get feedback and start to make it better right from the start. If you put something out there and it doesn’t really work out then you can move on quickly and work on something else!

2. Just start and figure it out as you go:
Starting really is everything! Starting builds lots of positive momentum to continue! It is hard to adequately plan for something like starting a business which is going to have so many unknowns. A lot of things you absolutely will not know until you start and then you can really see what you need to learn. When I first started my blog a year ago now I really had no idea what I was going to say or where it was going to go. I now have a much clearer idea of my ‘voice’ but I am still always going to be changing and learning as I go along. There is still a lot that I can keep doing to improve this site. Google and YouTube are absolutely brilliant for learning absolutely anything. I believe that one of the best skills you can develop within yourself is the ability to learn on your own. Learning and growth keep life interesting!

3. Let go of perfection:
Often we want everything to be perfect before other people see it! But the way that we sell products is completely shifting. It used to be that you create this image of a company – that there is this whole team of people. Now all people really want to do is connect with a person, and connect with something real. We would rather buy products from a real person who we see something within them that we ourselves aspire to be! So in order for others to connect with you, they really want to see your flaws and imperfections. It creates authenticity! People appreciate it when you are a real human with flaws and insecurities and fears just like them. I personally love to see the journey! Or behind the scenes, I think that is why Alex’s videos have really resonated with me. Share your imperfect journey. Let go of the need to have everything perfect. We can get so obsessed with things being perfect that nothing gets created or produced!!

Bearing all of this in mind I am going to share my business goals for the month of October:

– Post x2 blogs per week. Posting at a consistent time!! Schedule posts to go out Mon + Thurs @ 6AM.

– Post x1 Instagram every day. Eek! This is an area where I am dropping the ball constantly! And an area where I absolutely need to let go of perfection!! I often make dishes and then think “oh it’s not worth taking a picture it doesn’t look good enough!” There have been lot’s of photo’s in the past where I posted and thought – “not good enough I will probably delete soon” but they still got lot’s of likes and new follows so I then left them up! Producing something consistently every day is far more important than having a ‘perfect’ feed.

– Produce x16 pieces of content for Everyday Young to be able to make the site live on 1st Nov. My plan is to make the site live with some content on it for that date and then work on the next months content for the month of November so ongoing I will be producing content one month in advance. Because my site is a magazine and not a blog I really need a lot of content for the pages and overall design to look any good for me to then market it! So I think working on it while it is live will give me a good push to get it looking good. My current plan is to start properly marketing the site beginning 2017. Everything takes time!!

What is an area of your life or business where you need to let go of perfection? Please share below!

Beth xxoo


Click here for a great sample vlog from Alex – his talk at the end is very inspirational!

(Photo: Ales Krivec)

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