5 Daily Habits to Stay High Vibe!!

We all want to be happier and more productive as we go about our day. It really is our habits that make or break us. I think that there are key habits that when cultivated daily can really reinvigorate your entire day and make you much happier and productive!! I think traditionally we have this thought that we go about our day and get all of our ‘work’ done – all of the things that we ‘have’ to do and then we can spend time ‘switching off’ and escaping. I think when we really connect to ourselves and our reality there is no need to escape at the end of the day or work week. We feel happy and connected to ourselves and the things that we have created around us. Our everyday state of mind, flow and happiness are automatically higher just from including more of the below things!

Here are five habits that you can include more of daily to stay high vibe:

1. Exercise morning and night: You might think that even just getting in one lot of exercise per day is great. But I personally think it is better to split it up or to have a variety of different things that you do throughout the day. I think that having a form of exercise that you do when you first get up is really important! Even if it is just a bunch of star jumps πŸ˜‰ I like to do yoga as the first thing I do after I wake up each morning as it really helps me to get a jump start on my day and feel more motivated. I have been finding lately that when I skip my evening yoga practice that I am less motivated to get up early the following day. Exercise has a massive flow on effect! So do it morning and night. Or even throughout the day if you can! If I spend too long sitting at the computer in the afternoon it also makes me tired and less motivated. Try and do small bits and pieces of exercise throughout your work day if at all possible!

2. Eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies: Fresh fruit and veggies contain loads of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help to remove free radicals from our bodies, reduce aging and prevent major diseases. They also help to boost our mood and keep us happy! Cut up veggie sticks to have with hummus as a snack. Get more greens in!! Lately I have been trying to include more greens in my diet so I have been adding a handful of spinach or whatever I have available to most meals. A great way to include more fruit and veggies is to make a green smoothie every morning. You can change it up depending on whatever you have available. Always keep bananas and frozen fruit ready to go in your freezer to make it easy! Cacao is also amazing at boosting your mood. The cocoa that is used in normal chocolate has been heat treated so it has lost a lot of its nutritional properties. Cacao powder can be added to smoothies to make them nice and chocolatey and you can also buy the cacao nibs which you can sprinkle on breakfasts and puddings!

3. Practice mindfulness or meditation:
Mindfulness and meditation help you to take a step back from the thoughts that may be constantly running through your head and gain a much greater perspective. Sometimes our recurring thoughts might be self-limiting or self-destructive. Sometimes we may have repressed pain or feelings that we might need to work through so that we can then let them go! Meditation also creates brain space and peace of mind for higher level creative thinking and ideas! Having a consistent meditation practice has also been shown to improve overall happiness and wellbeing.

4. Cultivate the abundance mindset:
So many people live in the ‘lack’ mindset. Always needing to buy or obtain things to fulfil themselves. This is something that I myself am also always working on! To be happy and grateful for everything that I have already achieved and obtained without feeling like there are things ‘missing’ within or outside of myself that need changing. I think when you live in the mindset of lack you will never really find true happiness or wholeness. Everything will always be viewed as being broken or needing to be fixed or improved and I think it is really important that we do not look at ourselves in this way!

5. Love yourself and be yourself:
It is extremely hard to be yourself in a world that wants you to be like everyone else! But we first need to love and accept ourselves as who we currently are. When we show up fully as ourselves people will be more comfortable and open to also be themselves. Always look for the similarities in others instead of searching for differences! Try and connect with others on more than the superficial level. Work on taking care of yourself so that you have something to give back to others. When we let go of the fear of acceptance and just be ourselves we are definitely more happy and positive!

Are you working on any of the above habits? How is it going? β™₯

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Joshua Earle)

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