I have been watching a lot of Robin Sharma lately as I get back into the 5AM club. I actually have been really good at waking up around 5AM and I often actually wake up naturally before then! However, I am not so good at getting out of bed and I think some of that has been down to not having a clear plan of what I want to achieve early in the morning. Lately, I have been getting back into it and it has been going quite well. So today I thought I would share some tips and ideas on how you could spend your morning starting at 5AM.

First of all, why do we want to get up so early?

Well getting up early puts YOU back in the driver seat and gives you some control back of how you choose to begin your day. Often we just get up at the time that we HAVE to for work/school/whatever which means that we are in a reactionary state and our choices are dependent on those things that we can’t control. This means that we give away the control over our time and how we spend our days. Getting up earlier than we have to gives us some control back and we can choose to fill our new time with those things that are really going to take our days to a whole new level – exercise, self-reflection, meditation, activities of deep focus, creative work, side projects that are going to eventually get you out of the nine to five etc. the list is endless!

Have a rough plan in place of how you are going to spend your extra time. Write out your ideal ‘dream’ morning and then work from there. Don’t try to start a bunch of things all at once it will be too overwhelming! Start by spending two weeks just getting up at 5AM and then start building your ideal 5AM Club morning routine slowly over time. Don’t be too rigid; try a bunch of different things, mix it up and keep it fun – this is about more time for you!

Plan something that is really important to you and important to your growth and evolution as a person. Perhaps you are going read something amazing, do a stream of consciousness writing like morning pages, write a post on your blog, do some research or study or basically anything that is going to help up-level you and really get your personal development to the next level!

Exercise helps to wake you up and it gets your heart pumping and the blood flowing! Exercise in the morning is going to really boost your endorphin’s and set you up for a positive and productive day. There are so many exercise videos on YouTube which you can follow. Often all you need is a great yoga mat and a pair of weights! Try yoga, strength training or HIIT workouts or otherwise there are many online subscription based websites that offer great at-home classes. Or you could use your newfound time to get a workout in at the gym!

Brian Tracy wrote a highly recommended personal development book called ‘Eat That Frog’ I am still yet to read it but it is all about how you should look at your day and then pick the thing that is going to be absolutely detrimental NOT to do and then do it first thing in the morning. For me currently this is social media – I have found that first thing in the morning is really the best time to get this knocked out and in order for my site to grow and get more traffic I really have to be on top of this every day so currently, social media is my frog! I have heard time and time again to not waste your early starts on social media and email but many high-level entrepreneurs and CEO’s often spend some time in their early starts getting on top of email so it can’t be all bad! Gretchen Rubin the bestselling author of ‘The Happiness Project’ has said that she gets up early to take care of all social media and email. Getting that done early then means that she has the rest of her day free to focus on researching and writing.

The end of our days are often chaotic with everyone having dinner at different times due to workouts, sports and kids activities so we recently started family breakfasts and it is going really well! We start at around 6.30-6.45 and usually spend around half an hour making breakfast and then sitting and eating together. I actually got this idea from Laura Vanderkam who has suggested this to many of her busy clients with children. By getting up earlier than you have to you will have more time to make sure that you get in a really nutritious breakfast and spend time with your loved ones before everyone rushes off for the day. Even if you just allow enough time to make a green smoothie that is going to set you up really well for the rest of the day in terms of your nutrition and getting those greens in!


Hal Elrod coined the term miracle morning when he was going through a rough time and realised that he needed to create time to work on himself in order to turn things around. He implemented a miracle morning – a whole hour first thing in the morning where he spent time doing six keys things; he also used the acronym ‘SAVERS’ as in life savers! S for silence (meditation), A for affirmations, V for visualisations, E for exercise, R for reading and S for scribing. You can change the order to suit you and it doesn’t need to be a whole hour – you can do a six minute miracle morning if you wish!

Do you have a project or dream that you have always wanted to start but have never quite found the time? Start tomorrow! Get up at 5AM and start planning out your new passion, side project or business. Take back the control of your days and give yourself the gift of time – just for you! No distractions. Often we use distractions in our days as a means to distract ourselves from asking those deeper questions about how we are spending our lives and our time. At 5AM there are no distractions only silence and plenty of time to focus so you can really start getting in touch with your deeper dreams and desires.

Have you joined the 5AM club? What do you plan to do with your extra time?

-B xx


Brian Tracey on Eat That Frog/ABCDE method

Robin Sharma on the 5AM club
Robin Sharma’s 5AM club morning meditation

(Photo: Benjamin Davies)

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