6 Apps/Programmes that I am Currently Loving!

6 Apps/Programmes that I am Currently Loving!

I thought I would share today six apps/online programmes that I am currently using and enjoying a lot. Some I have been using a long time and some I have just started using and am completely loving. I like to always change up my systems and try out new ways of getting things done!

GCal: According to my calendar I started using GCal way back at the beginning of 2009! I remember when I first set up my calendar online it really changed my life. I usually have it set to week view, it really helps me with my planning to be able to see my week ahead at a glance and to be able to plan ahead and see everything all in one place in a great visual format. I have multiple calendars set up for different things, these calendars have changed a lot over the years depending on what I am up to. I have used the tasks function in the past and still use it a little bit now just for things that I need to do online as it is still quite lacking in functionality. I have GCal synced to my phone so that I get all notifications directly for appointments etc. which is great for remembering everything when you are out and about. It can also pull flights and other events automatically out of your Gmail which is great.

Trello: I have been using Trello for several years now also and I still love it! I have tried out several different project management programmes and they still don’t compare to Trello. What I love about it is that much like GCal it is very visual based and you can see everything at a glance. It is based on the Kanban methodology but you can really set up your boards however you may like. I love adding pictures and links to boards to make them even more visual. Trello is great for brainstorming and project breakdowns. I am also currently using Trello for my next action system which I think I will do a complete overall of soon. Limitations are that you can only do checklists within tasks and not add subtasks.

Evernote: I signed up for Evernote several years ago but have not been regularly using it until recently. It is absolutely wonderful for any research based project as you can categorise and tag information easily. I also installed the web clipper for Chrome and it works great! I think tagging all of your information is key to being able to retrieve all of your research easily. I am still getting to grips with Evernote and researching the best way to set it up.

Grammarly: I just started using Grammarly recently and am very impressed. I also signed up for the Chrome add-in. So basically whenever I am writing in Evernote, WordPress, or Google plus it automatically checks my Grammar as I am writing. I was doing all of my writing in Google drive but Grammarly does not currently provide support there so I have changed programmes so that I now write in Evernote and am finding that it is working really well. You can do a distraction-free screen similar to WordPress which is great for writing!

Canva: I just recently signed up to Canva and it is amazing! I am currently using it to create all of my branding for my new site. It has great functionality and is incredibly simple and easy to use. You can easily create banners, advertisements, blog titles, social media posts, invitations and so much more! I β™₯ Canva!

Asana: I signed up to Asana about a month ago after seeing it recommended a lot on I am planning to set it up soon for my new site project I think it will work really well. I had brainstorming and tasks for it all set up on Trello but I really needed something more in depth to break it all down. I love that you can add in descriptions and you can see a progress graph to help motivate you. It also has really awesome sub-task functionality which you can add links to etc. I also think Asana will work better than Trello when the time comes to add in other people to my project. I still think Trello is great for getting a good overview/birds-eye-view of a project in more of a visual way but Asana will be better at breaking it all down into manageable pieces – time will tell!

What are your favourite productivity apps?

Beth xxoo

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