6 Tips to Not Care What People Think!

6 Tips to Not Care What People Think!

Caring what people think of us and our decisions can be something that really keeps us stuck in all areas of our life. To move forward and grow we need to become strong and authentic in ourselves and what we want to create. An important first step to do this is to let go of any negative thoughts that we may hold on to about what we think that others might be thinking about us. This is our own life and experience we need to make sure that we are fulfilling our own needs and not living a life for others that will make other people happy. When we are happy in ourselves it will be contagious! We will bring up the people around us and bring more positive, happy people into our life.

Here are six tips that you can use to let go of your fears around what others might be thinking:

1. Do something crazy: Do something so out of character and crazy that it really gets you out of your comfort zone! Once you have done that anything else will seem really insignificant in comparison. Regularly push yourself to let go of any fear and do things that you are scared and afraid of. Consistently facing your fears will help you to grow exponentially!!

2. Value what you do: I remember seeing this clip of Tom Cruise on a psychology website ages ago. In it, he is explaining what he does for a living. He makes a rather boring job sound exciting and interesting by the way that he explains it and how he appears to value himself and his work. I recommend that you write down a short paragraph that explains your current work. It does not matter if you are getting paid by the hour or not. Practice and rehearse it so that when you are at a party or you meet someone that you could potentially network with you are really strong and clear in what you currently do. If you don’t place value on yourself, your ideas and your work no one else will either.

3. It’s all in your mind: Everyone is busy with their own lives they are not really all that interested in what you are doing! Sometimes we create these in-depth scenarios about what other people might be thinking about us which are completely untrue and exist only in our mind. Let these thoughts go! Meditation is brilliant at clearing your head space of any recurring, negative thoughts that might come up on a daily basis.

4. Choose positivity: I believe that every day we absolutely have a choice between choosing to think positively or letting fear and negative emotions bring us down. Choosing to be positive is a choice that we will have to continually make in all areas of our life. Seek out friendships and people that will bring you up. Pay attention to how you feel after spending time with people. If you feel that people are not being supportive and positive towards you just start limiting the amount of time that you spend with them. I don’t believe in cutting people out of our lives. Everyone that is a part of our life is here to teach us something important and sometimes criticism can be a good thing to help us grow.

5. It’s not about you: Ninety-nine percent of the time when people are negative towards us it has absolutely nothing to do with us or what we are doing. It is all about them. Their insecurities, their struggles, their pain, and their problems. Once we realise that we can not let it bother us and just let it go. We will meet and deal with all types of people in this world. We all have own struggles! Choosing to respond to negativity with compassion and love can be a huge life lesson.

6. Just start: Action cures fear. Starting builds momentum to keep going. Once you have started it is incredibly difficult to stop no matter what anyone else might think or say. The best thing to do is to get moving and get going! Don’t wait for everything to be perfect! There is no perfect time to do anything. Take ownership and make time. If you want to start something new but already work full time set aside some time each week for your new side project. The best thing to do is to just start and not to think too much!

Beth xxoo


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