7 Steps to Loving Your Look

I have been blogging a lot lately about self-love, accepting yourself and making sure that you are looking after your internal needs. While I think that the internal acceptance of self is REALLY important our external appearance can also play a big role in how we feel about ourselves. When we look our best we are more confident in the world and that can also translate into internal confidence within ourselves. Like with everything the internal and the external mirrors itself.

Outer confidence = Inner confidence

How you look and feel about yourself and the effort that you put into your appearance can really affect your mood. I think planning things into your week that you have to dress up for is important. If you are already working out of the house every day then you have to maintain a certain level of appearance but if you are working from home sometimes you can start slacking off! Here is a great video that I watched by Mimi Ikonn and I LOVE everything that she has to say.

It is so important to dress up just for yourself!!

I think there are times when I have been really good at doing this in the past and times when I haven’t put as much time and energy into my appearance and I have definitely noticed that the times when I am focusing less on looking my best I generally feel less confident about myself and I want to go out less. Lately, I have been wanting to put more pictures of myself on social media but I have felt really apprehensive doing so. I think about the extra time it would take to do my hair and make-up when really I should be doing these things every day anyway!

Here are 7 tips to loving your look more:

1. Keep active-wear for active times:
I always had a rule in the past that I would not become one of those mums that wore active-wear all day and I have been really guilty of this lately! After you exercise for the day, always shower and get dressed into nice clothes.

2. Plan ahead: Always plan ahead what you will wear the day before. If you have something special planned, make sure you lay out everything a few days before including undergarments, just in case something needs to be washed or you need to buy something to go along with the outfit. Also work on planning more special things into your week. If you work from home plan to work out of the house one day or plan one networking meeting each week to keep yourself motivated to keep up your appearance.

3. Don’t ‘dress down’: A lot of women especially, ‘dress down’ because they don’t want to stand out. I think everyone should dress however they feel best! Don’t worry what others may think of you. Don’t ever ‘dress down’ to fit in!! Be you β™₯

4. Work on a unique style: What are you known for? Is it your big hair, red lipstick, monochrome wardrobe or bright jewellery? I remember watching Fullyrawkristina when she first started out on YouTube and she was unforgettable because of her multiple coloured bracelets, long curly hair and bright clothing. She has her own unique style. She is now super successful! Figure out what your style is. Make a mood board of outfit, makeup and hair ideas – Pinterest is great for doing this! Learn to love and highlight your own unique features – they are what make you ‘you’ and set you apart from everyone else.

5. Pick quality over quantity: It is better to have fewer clothes that are better quality than a lot of clothes that are cheaper and are not going to look as nice on you. Work on developing a capsule wardrobe of basic quality pieces that you can add to. On Pinterest, I have a minimal living board where I have pinned several capsule wardrobe examples for Women – check it out! I also love Courtney Carver’s project333 site where she talks about dressing well while owning less clothing.

6. Pick a style ‘uniform’: Make note of the outfits and clothing styles that you feel really confident in and try to replicate them into your own unique ‘uniform’. Once you know what styles and shapes suit you then it is much easier to mix and match within your wardrobe and shop for new clothing that is similar. Don’t shop all of the latest trends! Buy clothing that you know will work on your body and you will get more wear out of.

7. Do it for you: Dress your best because you want to look good for you! Don’t do it for anyone else! When you feel good about yourself you will be more motivated and confident with your career and exercise goals and you will also be better equipped to grab new opportunities when they come knocking. This is your life! Love and appreciate every day of it and make sure you are looking and feeling your best too.

What’s your look? What makes ‘you’ you?

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Brooke Cagle)

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