8 Tips To Deal With Overwhelm

8 Tips To Deal With Overwhelm

Yesterday I tweeted this fantastic article on overwhelm. I actually took the day off working yesterday and now I feel motivated and inspired again. Sometimes all you need is a break to hit ‘reset’! As a creative, you can often feel overwhelmed. I have such high standards for myself and it is hard to feel like you are always falling short or not achieving at your full potential. I think it is important to allow yourself space and time to constantly self-reflect and renew your focus.

Here are eight tips that help me when I feel like I am heading towards overwhelm:

1. Make a list: I love lists! However, sometimes lists also can be overwhelming. Write anything down that pops into your head but only deal with high priority stuff in that moment. Leave anything else for the next day when you are back on track.

2. Schedule some things on your calendar: I don’t know why this works but it does. Spend some time scheduling all of your upcoming events/work plans then map out some tasks associated with them. It definitely helps you to feel more in control of what is coming up when your calendar is organised!

3. Take a break: Overwhelm is definitely a sign that you need to simply take a break. We need to learn to listen to our bodies more! I often will take technology breaks particularly on the weekend and turn my phone off. Take some time to read or take in some new inspiration.

4. Make a decision: What are you putting off? Tick something big off your list and just get it done! Often I feel overwhelm when there is a decision to be made. We have a large shelf in our dining area that we need to make a decision on – does it stay or does it go? It is taking up space, I can’t move it myself and it is a constant mental drain to see it sitting there!

5. De-clutter: Clutter often represents a build up of decisions that have been deferred. There is an instant physiological effect to decluttering and sometimes it can be all that you need! If I feel overwhelmed with my work or stuck on what to do next often decluttering my desk does the trick.

6. Take in some high-quality nutrition: Have you been skipping out on your fruit and veggies? If you have been really busy and not eating as well it can definitely affect your mood. Get your greens in – make a green smoothie! Cut up a bunch of fruit and make a yummy fruit salad. Don’t forget to take your vitamins!

7. Exercise: Exercise is amazing at shifting your mood. Don’t do anything too high intensity that is going to drain your adrenals. Stick to walking or some gentle yoga if you are overwhelmed.

8. Change your environment: This is the first thing that the article above mentions and it could be all you need to get out of your funk! Plan to work in a different location or take a break. Even take a weekend away from your living environment. It can give you some fresh focus to then return and get things done.

How do you deal with overwhelm? Let me know in the comments πŸ™‚

Beth xxoo

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