When you seek Love with all your heart,
You shall find its echoes… in the universe” – Rumi

I have been learning some incredible things recently about our heart! I have always been a bit brain obsessed but I am learning how intricately our heart and brain are connected and it is so amazing! Our heart really is what governs our brain. Perhaps all mental health really should be heart health. Why is your heart blocked or broken, why won’t you allow yourself to feel love and be loved? Why can’t you love yourself?

Love is what connects all of us and makes us one. When your heart is filled with fear there simply is no space for love. Don’t operate and make decisions out of fear. Choose love. I was struggling to meditate but I seem to be working through it and the feeling of love and connection is truly amazing once you get to the other side of all of the pain and repressed emotions.

Listen to your own intuition. We don’t need to follow anyone or learn anything new we already have and know everything we could ever want and it’s already all inside of us. There is nothing to be ‘found’ outside of ourselves.

Ultimately you are responsible for all of the thoughts that you let into your reality. Everything bad that has happened to you was created by you in some way. Sounds harsh and it is quite hard to accept self-responsibility. It is so easy to blame our shortcomings and failings on the people around us. But you control your reality. If something is not working – only you have the power to change it. Self-responsibility is so empowering because we live in a world where the majority of people see themselves as victims of their environment and are completely powerless. However, you have power. You also have the power to impact people and create positive change. But first, it starts with you.

We are taught from a young age to listen to the thoughts and feelings of the people around us and to disregard the feelings of our own heart. This has toxic consequences for our health! Repressing our own unique thoughts and feelings is never a good idea.

Reality is subjective depending on our own experience. We are powerful creators of our own reality. Our heart and intuition are always telling us something important. Regularly connect with yourself and your own individual experience. Repression never works because everything always comes out, in the end, one way or another!

Our body is made up of living, vibrating energy. Think about what happens when you look in the mirror and pick out flaws and talk to yourself negatively. Your body does not want to be here so it will create disease. What happens when you do this to the people around you – go looking for flaws and treat them like they are never enough? Well, they won’t want to be around you. Think about what kind of environment this would be for a child to get raised in? Never enough, never good enough, constant put-downs, pointing out of failings. I give my kids endless hugs and tell them I love them 50 times per day because it is so important.

We seem to think that love is limited, or in short supply. When we could feel boundless, infinite love if we allowed it. We can’t expect to receive love if we are not giving out any love. Give love and then get it back tenfold. We don’t change ourselves to make ourselves into an ideal ‘something’ that can be loved. Love yourself and accept yourself exactly as you are. You are perfect and whole and complete and worthy of love and you already have all the love you would ever need within yourself already. You don’t need to go out looking for love because it is literally everywhere.

I have a little exercise for this week:

This is a great meditation to bring in an awareness of love and light so do this daily. When you first wake up is best!

Then keep this love with you and go about your day as if everything is absolutely perfect. You are in the perfect relationship, you have the most amazing job, you have the most incredible living environment, everything is exactly as it should be. Then if there is anything new that you want to bring into your life act like those things are already in existence. They are already here.

Here are some quick examples:
*If you live alone and want someone to share your life with make space! Get another bedside table, make space in your closet, make space in the bathroom, space on your schedule, make plenty of room for that extra person to come in your life.
*If you want to be a kickass girl boss CEO think about how the CEO would manage her day, how would she allow others to treat her and her time, how would she dress, how would she organise her workspace and then do all of that like it has already happened and you ARE the successful CEO.
*If you are struggling with your body image everyday look in the mirror (preferably naked) and tell yourself that you love yourself and you love your body. Don’t go looking for flaws! Treat your body like the beautiful temple that it is, eat well, exercise, love and care for yourself.

Live exactly as if the new things that you want to bring into your reality have already happened. If you don’t allow any space in your current reality you can’t bring in anything new. View yourself and your situation as perfectly whole and complete and then see if anything starts to shift to align with your ultimate vision for your life.

If you try this out and see any positive changes please let me know!

Beth xx

(Photo: Joshua Sortino)