Are You All Input + No Output?

Are You All Input + No Output?

Everyday we take in new information and we can learn, grow and change in the process, I like to call this inputting. We are constantly inputting new ideas and inspiration which can help us to become better people. Inspiration can be a powerful thing and there are plenty of sites and apps that can inspire us daily from You Tube to Pinterest and Instagram or to great blogs or even fantastic inspiring books. Avenues for inspiration abound!

Problems can occur however when we become addicted to this constant onslaught of inspiration and we start to live vicariously through others without actually doing the things we want to do ourselves. Are you constantly watching you tube cooking tutorials without even cooking any of the recipes? Following travel blogs without ever travelling? Watching gardening shows instead of actually getting outside in your garden? I used to do some Tracey Anderson workouts and I remember watching an interview with her where she said Women would come up to her and say that they loved her videos so much that they would grab a glass of wine and sit and watch her work out!! I think they missed the point!

It is very easy to become addicted to the need to become inspired before we take action on anything. I remember I used to look at house magazines to motivate myself to clean my house. Now I just do it because I know that once I get started that behavior will lead to more of the same behavior. Action will lead to more action!

So take note as to how much of your day is spent ‘inputting’ or ‘outputting’ ideally your outputting should far outweigh your inputting! Make sure you are taking action on your dreams and goals everyday!

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Brian Erickson)