Are You ‘Change-Proof’?

I was watching this fantastic video yesterday and towards the end, some entrepreneurs started to share advice on flexibility and change. I have written a little bit about change on this blog in the past. With the introduction of technology and the internet, our world has rapidly changed and the way that we work is changing. The old ‘rules’ of how we used to live no longer apply. The old stability or ‘perceived’ stability is no longer there and we need to make sure that we are ALL ready for any big unexpected change.

Throughout our lives things are going to change – nothing will ever stay the same.

We cannot control everything, there are going to be many things that will be completely out of our control. So let go of the need to control. Jobs will come and go. Careers will change. The money will come and go. Friends will come and go. Relationships will change. Your living situation might change. Be ready for it!!

Here are five ways that you can ‘change-proof’ yourself and become more flexible:

Flexible income:
You can no longer rely on having the one 9-5 wage income stream. Businesses are rapidly changing, positions are becoming redundant. With the invention of new technology and new industries, whole industries are going under all of the time! You need to have multiple streams of income set up because if something goes wrong and you lose your job that is all of your income gone. If you are a family living on two incomes you should try and live off one and save the other because if you require both of you to pay all of your living expenses there is no backup. There is the perception that earning a wage is a ‘safe’, ‘dependable’ form of income when it is absolutely not – these days there are no guarantees. Starting a business can seem unsafe or scary because there are so many things that are out of your control. But YOU are in control of your earning potential and not someone else. What you put in you will eventually one day get out. So even if you work full time in a wage job aim to start a side project that has an earning potential for a later date – as and when you need it. If you are earning money online don’t rely on any one platform or stream – try and create multiple streams. Social platforms can completely change how they do things instantly.

Flexible location:
You need to have at least one form of income that is not location specific or at least work to create one on the side. If you were faced with a situation where you were forced to move – how would you support yourself? There are some jobs that can only be done in large cities for example. The cost of living and housing in a big city is rapidly getting more expensive. The internet is a great place to create anyplace earning potential! You could slowly set yourself up online and then work on ways to monetise at a later date. I am realising more and more that this online world is like a great big game. Some people can jump in and learn how to play quite quickly and other people it takes longer and it takes some time to figure out how to play the game. You will make mistakes – learn quickly from them and don’t give up!

Flexible way of living: Let go of your attachment and association with things. If you had to move in a hurry – would you be ready for it? Keep only the necessary in your house, don’t store a whole bunch of unnecessary junk. If you were forced to down-size one day, would you be able to? Have your emergency supply kit ready – just in case! Be ready for anything!

Flexible body: Incorporate different forms of movement into your week. If you can no longer do one form of exercise you will always have a backup that you enjoy. Not being able to play a sport or run is not an excuse to ever stop exercising. You need to find something else and keep going at it!

Flexible attitude: With change comes periods of deep self-reflection and learning. There is no one person on this earth who has not gone through hard or dark periods. It is important that we stay flexible and keep connecting with others to share in our difficulties. We don’t have to be alone in our hardship. Stay positive, share and learn from others. Always stay flexible minded, always in a state of growth. Sometimes you have to go backwards before you can move forwards, it’s just how life is.

Stay flexible, stay strong!

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Andrew Phillips)

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