Are You Taking Care of Your Needs?

Are You Taking Care of Your Needs?

I have written a lot lately about meeting your own needs. Every one of us has unique needs that we all need to meet in order to be happy every week. Everyone is different and unique and so everyone’s needs will be different. No one else can meet all of our needs for us and it is unfair to expect others to do this. As we get older and learn more about ourselves we get better at meeting all of our own needs and we are less reliant on outside sources to do this for us!

I am currently reading the short e-book ‘What the most successful people do before breakfast’ and Laura describes ‘self-nurturing’ as one of the three most important habits that you should cultivate each morning.

Here are five needs that we should be working to meet on a daily and or weekly basis:

Personal self-care:
Those all important things that help us to feel good about ourselves. Scheduling haircuts when they are necessary and making sure that you feel good about yourself in the clothes that you own. Taking time each day to meet your own self-care needs – whatever they may be! I like to do my nails 1-2 times per week and take a bath once on the weekend.

Spiritual needs: Perhaps you feel happier if you make a short time to pray or meditate every day. I recently did the 30 day meditation challenge over at I really enjoyed the increased sense of focus that it brought to my day – in only 10 minutes! It is definitely something that I am going to look at adding into my morning routine.

Movement: We were made to move! Ideally we should be doing some form of exercise every day. It could even just be a quick walk during your lunch break and after work. Exercise reduces stress and helps to boost endorphin’s in our brain which help to keep us happy. Try some different forms of exercise to see what works for you and don’t be afraid to change it up to keep life interesting!

Connection: We are social creatures! It is important to create time in your day to talk to and re-connect with your family. Laura Vanderkam also discusses in her book how double income couples only spend 12 minutes a day talking to each other! It is really important to talk to those that we love daily to keep the connections alive. Perhaps you can pick a different friend each week to have coffee with. Make sure you take time out to see your friends regularly or are working to foster relationships with new people.

Solitude: Perhaps you like to read for half an hour a day or watch your favourite show at night. You could also take a walk by yourself a few times a week. Or maybe it is more important for you to spend some alone time in your day to organise yourself, plan ahead and gather your thoughts for upcoming projects or events. Everyone needs some time alone for different reasons.

Creative needs: We feel a sense of progress in ourselves when we are creating something new, or working on hobbies that are important to us where we feel that we are learning, growing and developing ourselves. Everyone has something that they would do if they had ‘more time’ – make time! Schedule time each week for your hobbies or learning something new that you always wanted to try!

What self-nurturing practice do you want to include in your day or week?

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Torsten Dettlaff)