Be Your Own Competitor

I have seen a lot of quotes in social media lately with the idea that you should be competing with yourself and yourself only. So what does this mean – how do we compete with ourselves? Using others as a benchmark for our own success ultimately leads to unhappiness. It is impossible for us to get the full picture of any one else’s life – especially when viewing it through social media as people often only share the good parts and successes. We must continue to work on ourselves and not compare ourselves to what other people are doing. We know in our heart what truly makes us happy and it is different for everyone. When we are fully looking after ourselves and meeting our own needs we are truly happy for other people’s success and it does not in any way diminish our own.

Here are three simple ways that we can become our own best competitor:

Set simple goals + track progress:
Goal setting is something that I plan to be making more of a conscious effort with soon. I have been playing with the idea that each week I might set 2-3 goals and sort out a simple way to track progress. I am thinking that 15 minutes is a good marker with which to slowly change habits ie. get up 15 minutes earlier, run 15 minutes longer, spend 15 minutes making a smoothie and healthy snack prepping each morning.

Do it every day: I had a conversation with my husband this evening about fitness and improvement. We agreed that in order to improve fitness-wise you have to be exercising or at least doing something towards your fitness – Every. Single. Day. I have been making a conscious effort lately to try and get back into the habit of doing some good quality exercise every day. When you exercise every other day I don’t think you can make any great gains in your fitness and you sort of plateau. I have definitely found this with my yoga practice. If I am doing it every other day I am not going backwards I am definitely staying at the same level but I am also not making any major improvements either.

Follow your heart: Do what what makes you happy. Don’t be afraid to change or make mistakes it is all part of our own unique journey. Trying different things enables us to figure out what is working for us and what might need more tweaking. Constantly mix things up to keep life interesting for yourself – change how you exercise, where you exercise, who you do it with. Plan ways to keep it interesting and exciting so that you are constantly enjoying yourself.

I have discussed these key points using exercise as an analogy but you could also easily relate this to anything else you might want to improve in your life.

Happy self competing!!

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Krzysztof Puszczyński)