Breaking Out of Your Box

Yesterday I watched the movie ‘room’ after reading this blog post. I think it probably one of the best movies I have seen in a long time – although it will probably haunt me for days! It is not a sad movie, however, it does have very emotional moments. The movie explores the relationship between mother and child, what we know and what brings us comfort compared to what we don’t know, and our inner world vs. our outer world.

The movie is from the perspective and narrated by Jacob, a five-year-old boy. Jacob’s mother was abducted when she was a teenager and is forced to live in a small windowless garden shed at the back of her abductor’s property. During this time she had Jacob. His mother chooses not to tell him about the outside world so he finds comfort and happiness in his mother and the few small items that they have in ‘room’. I highly recommend if you have not seen the movie to not watch the trailer first just watch the movie – it is amazing!

Recently I have been reading ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David J. Schwartz and I think it parallels a lot of the same ideas that Tisha writes about in her blog post. Often it is our thinking or our past environment that keeps us small, stuck, or not able to grow or move forward. Unknowingly when we are children we take on the belief systems of those around us and it can be hard to shake off when we are adults. We get used to the world that we know and change can seem scary or frightening. We might have habits that we did as a child that we felt kept us safe and secure. Unknowingly we might be self-limiting ourselves from all the incredible things that could be possible for us!

On Monday I blogged a little about changing up our routines to keep life interesting and exciting. I love how having a child can make you view the world in a completely new, exciting way and this film definitely explores that. Children often don’t place limits on themselves, everything is viewed with openness and opportunity. By the time we are adults we often struggle with getting out of the box we have surrounded ourselves with to keep ourselves ‘safe’. We also might have many self-limiting views about what work is ‘valuable’ in the world or not. So much is possible for ourselves if we just believe it to be so!

Have you seen ‘Room’ or read ‘the Magic of Thinking Big’ – what did you think?

Beth xxoo


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