* Please respect that the purpose of this blog is for my own motivation and to provide support to the creative, entrepreneurial, free-thinking online community and that is it’s only intent *

I have been taking a bit of a step back from my site lately for several reasons:

1. It is important to be present, within my relationships, with my family, and my children. Being constantly connected to the online world can be really all-consuming and it is important to unplug and disconnect. When you are too connected online you can become disconnected to the people around you.

2. It is important to take breaks for your creativity, wellness, and motivation. You cannot be constantly ‘on’ and creative sometimes you need to take a break and give more time to yourself, your environment, and work on other life areas. Sometimes I think we can feel that we are letting ourselves down if we take a break. But it is really important. We will all flow at our own pace. It is better to slowly learn, grow and create something sustainable in the long term than it is to quickly create something, develop loads of momentum and then burn out and have it be too much to maintain.

3. Taking a step back allows us to see the bigger picture in our lives, gives us our ‘why’ and gives us direction to keep going. Sometimes we can become really stuck in our jobs and routines and lose our focus as to what it is all for?

Well, what is it all for?

I feel like I have been making some major connections lately and it has been really mind-blowing and powerful. The idea that the reality we are in is created by us alone is a big one. When we get too busy and too stuck in our routines we become less conscious and it is only when we are conscious that we are actively creating our lives. I have also been thinking about the idea that everything is predetermined like a seed planted in the ground, is going to grow into a seedling and then will bloom into a flower. Given the right environment, there is no way that the seed cannot be successful in blooming into a flower. So really all that is within you is already something even if you have yet to create anything. All of your beauty, passion, creativity and aliveness are already within you and all you need to do is to create the right environment for your success.

We are not really here to do anything other than to grow within our own consciousness, connect with, love and touch other people. First comes awareness of self. Without self-awareness, there is no self-love and it is extremely hard for us to love other people if we don’t love ourselves. It is hard to ask for what we need from others and create the environment that we will come ‘alive in’ if we don’t value, love and respect ourselves. What is love? I have been thinking about this too.

Love is self-sacrifice. Sacrificing your own needs in order to give to others and bring them happiness. Should we be completely whole unto ourselves before we can properly love another? Probably not. I believe that we are all deeply flawed on some level. It is the human condition. Relationships help us to heal and work on those deep internal flaws within ourselves. We often seek out relationships where there is some discomfort. Discomfort enables growth and consciousness. I also strongly believe that we are not here to teach our children they come to us to teach us!

We need to be building our lives around connection, so when you are creating a business/platform/developing your dream life you need to be thinking how does this aid in my connection with others? Because connection really is the most important thing. It is what we are here to do. Connect with others, bring up their consciousness, and ignite the aliveness within their own soul.

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Jon Tyson)