Building Commitment + Consistency with Others

Building Commitment + Consistency with Others

I have been thinking about these two ‘c’ words the last few days, commitment and consistency. Often when we try and make big changes in our lives or try to add new activities into our day we often at some point fall off the wagon. The key is to build commitment and consistency so that we can regularly achieve our goals. I was thinking about this specifically for how we show up for ourselves e.g. how we are looking after ourselves in regards to exercise, self-care, keeping our personal environment clean and tidy etc. And then how we show up for others e.g. following through with what we have told others, showing up for our family and friends, creating and delivering new content on a consistent basis etc. I have talked a bit in the past about showing up for yourself and meeting your own needs so today I am going to talk more about the ways in which we can consistently show up for others.

Making the commitment to show up for others and to be consistent about it in our business:

If you work for yourself it is really important to set goals and create some accountability for yourself because there is no one else that will do it for you. I follow a few different people online. Some are incredibly consistent with what they are delivering. Anything that you put out online even if you already have a day job is part of your unique personal brand. I have been trying really hard lately to build consistency with my online activities. It says to people that you ‘show up’ with whatever else you have going on. We all have bad days sometimes and days we would rather not create anything. I follow some other people online where there seems to be no consistency with what they post and when they post. This is not necessarily bad however if you don’t make the commitment to yourself first and then to others, it is very hard to be consistent with what you are putting out there and to consistently build your business or online presence.

How do we make commitments and build consistency with others?

1. Make a quick list of your responsibilities and the tasks associated with each area of responsibility: You might have tasks associated with being a parent, a partner, a daughter or son, a sister or brother, an employee, a small business owner, or a volunteer etc. Think about what the areas of responsibility are for each role that you have and how much time each area takes up in your life .

2. Set goals for each one: Once you have figured out your key areas of responsibility and the tasks that you need to achieve for each area of your life you can then break them down and make daily/weekly/monthly goals for each one. So if you are a parent you might make goals to spend one on one time with each child each day or each week , if you in a relationship you might do a ‘date night’ one weekend night or make sure you put aside a small amount of time each evening to catch up on the day, if it is your job to take care of the house you will have specific tasks that you need to do each day/week/month to keep everything running. If you are starting a small online side business you might decide how much time you want to spend on it and what type of content you will create.

3. Schedule your goals on your calendar: I like to have big goals scheduled on my calendar I think it really helps. So I have all of my exercise goals scheduled, plus when I will post a blog, when I need to do things with my kids and so on. There is some train of thought in the productivity community that you should only use your calendar for appointments. But I think it is really important to schedule your goals to make them specific and time bound and it is also creating a very important appointment with yourself to get something done. I also schedule in extra time for any unexpected things that may crop up. E.g. I have a goal to go for a run three times per. week but I have four runs scheduled on my calendar just in case. Also with this blog I have a goal to post twice per week , however, I have enough time per week scheduled to produce three pieces of blog content. Allowing extra time as ‘cushioning’ is really important to be able to consistently achieve your goals.

4. Tell others of your intentions: Tell the people involved of your intentions, e.g. Sunday is ‘family day’ in our house – we go out and spend time together and everyone is on board. Every Saturday morning I go for a run so my partner knows that he has to watch the kids during this time. If you are operating a business online you might have clearly stated on your Youtube channel which days you post new content and same goes for your blog – have it clearly stated on your about page how often you will post a new blog. When we let others know of our intentions it helps to generate accountability.

When we hold ourselves accountable for something and we have a specific goal scheduled on our calendar with a date and time associated with it then we are far more likely to follow through with others.

How do you like to ‘show up’ for the other important people in your life?

Beth xxoo