Changing Your Life: 30 Minutes At A Time

Changing Your Life: 30 Minutes At A Time

So recently I have been decluttering my house 30 minutes at a time (You can read my post on it here). At this stage I have been trying to do it every day and it has been working quite well. This week I have just added in 30 minutes of outdoor work also per day to get on top of my overgrown backyard which has been neglected over winter. Seven months ago I started a 30 minutes a day at home Yoga practice and I am still going strong with that.

My personality is very all or nothing. I tend to throw myself into my current project and neglect other areas of my life and there is nothing essentially bad in this, we all work and get things done in our own way but if we let the jobs/tasks/problems pile up in one area it can cause conflict in all other areas of our life and it can be overwhelming and difficult to get back on track when you have a lot to deal with all at once.

So I feel that I am on to something here and that this 30 minutes a day thing can really be applied to any area of your life to keep everything running smoothly.

Here are eight ideas where you could spend your 30 minutes:

1. 30 minutes a day of exercise
2. 30 minutes a day reading to, helping with homework and really connecting with your kids
3. 30 minutes a day of food prep/preparing healthy meals
4. 30 minutes a day of house related tasks
5. 30 minutes a day working on your new business idea
6. 30 minutes a day reading and expanding your knowledge
7. 30 minutes a day talking to and sharing with friends/partners
8. 30 minutes a day checking/responding to email/dealing with paperwork

You may not have 30 minutes to spare especially if you work long hours so you might want to look at only doing say 15 or 20 minutes a day, the principle is the same. However you need to make sure you are doing it EVERY day to build it into a habit. I often take Sunday off planned exercise but I would never take more than one day off in a row as it is then all do easy to take more days off.

Another thing is to focus on one thing at a time, build it into a habit and then work on another 30 minute chunk of your life. I am currently wanting to build a habit of writing/researching for this blog so that will be my next 30 minute chunk to work on.

What area of your life do you plan to work on for 30 minutes today?

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Josh Sortino)