Creating Intense Focus

We live in a world where is is becoming increasingly difficult to focus on our dreams and the things that we want to achieve. Constant distractions from notifications and devices rewire our brain to accept being constantly interrupted and makes it much harder to reach that place of intense focus. We need to set up our day from the time we get up to be in that place of focus where our brain knows exactly what it to do in order to get things done.

Here are my tips for creating some intense focus to go after what you want!

Do the things that other people are not prepared to do: Do the seemingly impossible like get up at 5am! Having time in the morning to focus on yourself and your needs and goals sets you up positively for the rest of the day.

Start saying no:
It is really hard to say ‘no’ to coworkers, friends or family when they ask you to do things. But by saying no to others you are ultimately saying yes to yourself and your dreams. You don’t have to say ‘no’ to everything – that would be unbalanced but say no to all of the unnecessary.

Create a distraction free environment: Where are you working? Is it free from distractions. Turn off your phone or turn off notifications during your set work time. There are loads of computer programs that can block sites or create a distraction free desktop environment. I suggest that you check them out if necessary.

Make yourself a little uncomfortable:
When you are comfortable with all of your needs met you are less motivated to go after what you want. Create some discomfort – schedule writing or work somewhere less that desirable so you are motivated to get the work done much faster. I plan to start working at the local library one day per week. I think I will have greater focus to get more work done there than at my home office.

Schedule blocks of time for specific tasks: I plan to start doing this soon. It’s a funny thing but when you schedule less time to complete something your brain says right let’s get this done! When you leave the time window open it often takes much longer to complete tasks.

You are what you eat: This doesn’t just go for food but all the other things you are exposing yourself to. Stop watching trashy t.v. or obsessively following the news. Watch, listen and read inspiring, uplifting things that are in line with your focus for your life. It’s fine to indulge on the weekend but wasting time on that stuff everyday will only bring you down.

How do you like to create focus and eliminate distraction in your day? Please share below!

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Dingzeyu Li)