Starting New Daily Habits!

Starting New Daily Habits!

I think it can sometimes be difficult to add new habits into our day. We try things, we do them for a few days, then life happens and we are back to where we started.

I find it best when I want to add in something new to add it in front of a habit that is already ingrained into my day so for example my daily yoga practice. After we have dinner I clean up, I wipe all the downstairs surfaces, and then I do my yoga. I have no set time at the moment and it can vary depending on what else we have on. Generally I start this between 6-8pm but sometimes as late as 10pm if I have to take my oldest child out to an evening activity. If I am doing a late yoga session I will generally do a Yin based yoga practice.

Currently I am working on a writing habit so in the evening after yoga I generally have a shower and then I make my next day to-do list at the computer and then I start writing. I have tried to start this habit in the morning (you can read about it here) but my mornings are still a work in progress!! You have to figure out what works for you and change it up if need be – but in order to build something into a regular habit it really needs to be done consistently every day.

At first you have to make it really easy and just start with a small time-frame so that you do not give up. So when I first started yoga I would only do 10-15 minutes. I then built it up to regularly doing 30 minutes and have often in the past done one hour. If you fall off the wagon – no problem! Start small again and then build it up again. It’s like when they say if you want to build the running habit just get in your gear and put your shoes on – once you have done that it makes it much easier to get out and do the run. But first you have to build that small habit.

So to recap make sure you build your new habits on top of existing habits! What new habits are you working on?

Beth xxoo

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