Creating An Online Inbox

I really love some of the concepts in David Allen’s cult productivity classic ‘Getting Things Done’. Lately I have been setting up an online inbox system so that I can get my brain on paper so to speak. Ideally everyday when you remember something you need to do you should have a place to put that information so you don’t forget it or it doesn’t keep popping back into your head and keep you from more higher level thinking or creative focus.

Recently I have been using Trello to manage my projects and weekly to do’s. I have just started a new system which seems to be working quite well. Trello is great as you can set it up however suits you best. The simplest way would be to have a ‘to do’, a ‘doing and a ‘done’ board – of course you can make it much more complicated and in depth.

How I am currently using Trello:

1. A board for each current large project with tasks set up in priority order so I can easily see what I need to do next.

2. A daily/weekly task list board for repetitive household type tasks split up by day.

3. A board that contains needs vs. wants and also any errands. As things I need to buy increase in importance I can just move them along into errands.

4. An inbox/next action type board set up with incoming tasks that I think of, a list for each of the next few months and a ‘this week’ list which is where I create my daily to do list from. Once a week I also create tasks from my project boards so I am always moving my current projects forward.

Creating your daily to do list:

I have tried having my daily to do list as purely computer based and it has worked for me in the past when I was working long hours at the computer and studying long hours. Since I am currently not spending a large amount of my day at the computer it does not work to have my do list on there or on my phone as I find it quite distracting! So each night I check my google calendar and Trello boards and make my daily to do list for the next day in my diary. I find that physically writing it out helps you to remember to do it and it is more motivating to physically cross it off when you have completed it!

Have you read ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen? What do you like to use to get things done?

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Stefanus Martanto Setyo Husodo)