Cultivating the ‘Success’ Mindset

Cultivating the ‘Success’ Mindset

Our mindset is the first thing that needs to shift before we can work on or accomplish great things. When we shift our mindset towards developing the fundamental principals of success we can really cultivate this throughout all areas of our life. Building mental discipline and the self-awareness that comes with it is a game changer!

Years ago I remember seeing the chart below by MaryEllen Tribby and I thought it was brilliant. You know that you are on the right track to developing your mindset for success when you start doing more and more of which is on the ‘successful people’ side and less on the ‘unsuccessful people’side! As we are all human there are going to be times when we fall into bad habits! There is no need to get down on ourselves, we just always need to be striving to develop more awareness of our behaviours and work to always be improving ourselves.

The Success Indicator infographic created by MaryEllen Tribby:


I will discuss the ‘Successful people’ traits in more detail below:

Have a sense of gratitude: To be grateful for everything that we have in this present moment is incredibly important. Focus on what you DO have compared to worrying out what you don’t have. If you have been reading my blogs recently you will know I have been watching the entrepreneur Alex Ikonn a lot lately! Something he did with his wife when they were building their company and they had nothing to their name was every morning they went out on a ‘gratefulness’ walk together. They would walk and talk about the things that they were grateful for but also talk about the things that they wanted in their life as if they already existed! So they would walk together and say “I am so grateful for the amazing house that we live in and the fantastic business that we have created together” – great tip!

Forgive others: Don’t hold grudges or negative emotions towards other people. Holding onto negative thoughts and anger is really toxic for our bodies. Learn to let go and forgive. I know it is extremely hard!

Accept responsibility for your failures: We are all going to fail and make mistakes! It is part of learning and growing. If you make a mistake learn to say sorry, even if you think you were in the ‘right’. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and feelings. Learn to accept responsibility then forgive yourself and move on with your life.

Compliment: Be appreciative and give compliments to the other important people in your life!

Read every day: Read and learn every day. According to Hal Elrod the author of ‘The Miracle Morning’ and Laura Vanderkam the author of ‘What the Most Successful People do Before Breakfast’ some of the most successful people in the world have developed the habit of reading and learning something new every day – you can too! Start with ten minutes and go from there.

Keep a journal: Keep a journal or start a blog. Getting your thoughts and ideas out can be very therapeutic and help you to grow and learn much more about yourself!

Talk about ideas:
I love sharing ideas and my knowledge about health and business! I have some great discussions with my family and extended family. Some people are not so interested to hear your ideas so definitely wait until others show interest before you talk to them. I love learning new things so I am always interested in hearing other people’s ideas. Cultivate a love of learning new things!

Want others to succeed: Build up others around you instead of tearing them down. Don’t try and compete with others or bring them down when they are following a different path. When you build others up and want them to succeed they will also be able to give you the support and encouragement when you need it.

Share information and data: Share your knowledge! Blogs are great to do this. You could also do YouTube videos and share what you are learning. By sharing what we know we can also help others along on their journey.

Keep a “to-be” list: I had to look this up and found this great article. What a great idea! Definitely, something that I will be trying and definitely something that can quickly help to shift your mindset to one of success.

Exude joy: Be happy and grateful every day that you are alive and that you have one more day to connect with others and work on your goals and dreams!

Keep a to-do/project list: Get your to-do list and projects out of your head! Trello is great to organise all of your projects and to-dos.

Set goals and develop life plans: Something I have been thinking about lately is creating a vision for your life and really getting clear on all of the details. It is also important to communicate your vision to others and if you are in a relationship to really nail down your shared vision for your future together! Here is a creative goal setting exercise that can help you to create a future vision.

Embrace change: I have blogged about this! I don’t think you can really have a successful mindset without becoming really flexible and alright with things changing. When you are not alright with any change you can become really stuck and never move forward with your life. I think really embracing change and learning to be positive no matter what is one of the most important things that we can teach ourselves.

Give other people credit for their victories: Acknowledge other people for their support of you and also all of their successes! Celebrate with them and be truly happy for them.

Operate from a transformational perspective: Help others and the people that work with you or for you to be motivated and inspired. Collaborate with and build up the people around you! Learn from others and also help them to grow. Here is a great breakdown of the transformational leadership style.

A successful trait that I am going to work on is acknowledging and building up the people around me and appreciating and celebrating their successes! What are you working on? Please share below!

Beth xxoo


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