Does Your Space Reflect You? Lessons from ‘S...

Does Your Space Reflect You? Lessons from ‘Spark Joy’

I went away over the weekend to spend time with family and ended up reading ‘Spark Joy’ by Marie Kondo. ‘Spark Joy’ is the second book by Marie Kondo outlining her Konmari method of decluttering in more depth. Her first book was ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’. I found that after I read her first book I still had a lot of unanswered questions about the Konmari Method and this book definitely answered them. I wrote a blog post last week with a decluttering update and a review of the three main decluttering methods that I have heard of. I think after reading ‘Spark Joy’ I am going to properly try out the Konmari Method. Here are my main reasons why:

1. You create a home filled with joy. Your home should reflect who you are, and what you love and enjoy. With Marie Kondo’s approach, all items that are not truly loved or needed will be removed from the home. When you are left with what you love it allows you to see what is truly important in your life. I strongly believe that the outer transformation of the home leads to the inner transformation within yourself.

2. You don’t properly organise and store everything until the end. Because my house is not large I discounted the category approach to decluttering but I think it can really make you re-think how you are storing and using your space. I live in a big city where space is precious! You want to make sure you are using all of your home’s storage space to its full capacity and that ‘like’ items are stored together so that you can easily find everything. Storing everything out of sight eliminates excess mental clutter.

3. Maintenance tidying should be quick and easy. After you have properly decluttered and tidied using the Konmari method you shouldn’t need to constantly declutter every few months as everything in your space will have a ‘home’. It is just a matter of carrying out maintenance tidying every day/week and making sure to pick up and put everything back where it belongs on a regular basis.

I think we can get really stuck with how things ‘should be’ or how our home or space ‘should look’ but by using the Konmari method it allows you to completely overhaul your living environment and create a space that is uniquely you and supports you in the life you want to live. There was an amazing chapter at the end of the book where she talks about how you tidy up at home so that you can live more fully with joy in the world and have more time for your family and the things that matter most.

Where ever we are living we need to live there fully and not be living for some future day when we get that big house or one that is absolutely perfect for us in every way. We need to love and accept where we are now and love, cherish and be grateful for what we have right now. I strongly believe that when you completely love and accept things as they are that is when new exciting opportunities will come into your reality.

I love this video by Dara Dubinet on staying current. Does your home reflect who you currently are or who you used to be? Make your space reflect who you are RIGHT NOW. If you want to turn your dining room into a artists retreat or yoga studio – do it! Love the space that you live in, set it up so that it makes you happy, brings you joy and supports you in the work that you are currently doing!

How do you create joy in your home?

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Martin Sattler)