Don’t Let the Haters Win

I try to always focus on positive things so this will be a very rare post but I was thinking about some things today that I really felt like I wanted to share especially in light of the recent hate driven attacks in the world.

I specifically stopped watching the TV news and reading newspapers because I find them so negative and I think they can significantly impact on your outlook. I try to always fill my day with positive things and positive people. However I am noticing more and more online that the happy, bright, shiny people who are doing great things and are sharing their lives in a positive uplifting way are bombarded constantly by the constant criticisms of ‘haters’. I think at first they try to not let it bother them then eventually it starts to get to them and they feel the need to address the negativity.

Sometimes the haters in our lives are not anonymous people online but instead they are your friends or family members who may be un-supportive of you changing because it triggers some deep dissatisfaction within themselves where they know that they are not taking care of themselves. I have had a lot of negativity directed at me over the years mainly because of my weight, diet, and parenting methods.

So why do people hate on others? I think fundamentally it is nothing to do with the person and everything to do with the person that is spreading the negativity or hate. When you are 100% taking care of yourself you should not feel the need to compete or to feel jealous or threatened by others.

So how do we address hate or negativity? Absolutely do not diminish yourself to make others feel better about themselves. There is so much hate and negativity in the world that if you listen to it and let it bring you down then you are letting the ‘haters’ win. The world needs as many happy, sparkly people it can get. When you choose not to share yourself or to promote positive change someone who needs only the help you can give might not get it.

The world needs your gifts continue to be a changemaker and promote positive change!! Don’t let any negativity or ‘hate’ bring you down!

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Adrianna Calvo)