Empty Space is Beautiful Space

I have found it hard to write for the past week. I sat down to write several times but I felt really creatively blocked. I think when we feel blocked it is important to think about making space to clear what is running in our head. We can get really caught up in our to-do lists or always thinking about what is coming up next rather than enjoying and cherishing each present moment.

In our ever connected fast paced world to create empty space or even to just spend time in silence is rare. I think we are always trying to fill every last minute with something! But it is so important to make some beautiful silent space to sit and be still and then let the creative ideas flow from out of the emptiness.

Often we can be afraid to spend time alone with ourselves but it is really important to reconnect with ourselves daily and re-visit our hopes, dreams, desires and help to foster inner fullness. When we are constantly connected to social media, the world news or to other people we can become very drained with the constant onslaught of information and lose sight of who we are and what we want to create in the world.

Here are five tips to create some beautiful empty space:

1. Create empty space in your schedule to sit, walk, reflect, and think without phone calls or music to fill the time.

2. Turn off your phone for short periods throughout the day or at least sign out or turn off all push notifications. Have set times that you choose to check your social media or email.

3. Cut down on multitasking, allow time to focus while you do each task. Sometimes the most creative ideas flow when you are being mindful as you go about your day.

4. Try to spend some time outside everyday. Getting out of your work or home environment can re-fresh your energy and mind.

5. Consider a digital detox. Either a couple of hours a day or one day a week. I think I am going to look into doing this soon as I feel increased levels of focus when I am not always on the internet.

How will you create some beautiful space in your day?

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Jamie MacPherson)