Finding Your New Normal

When we start to make positive changes in our life it takes some some time to integrate these changes into our routine and then it becomes our new normal. We don’t have to think about it because it has become a usual part of our day or week. We should always be happy with where we are at and appreciate how far we have come in our personal development. At the same time we are happier when we are in a state of growth – it keeps life interesting. When things are always the same and we get stuck in the same place for too long life can get boring and we can fall off the wagon. We need to be setting goals to encourage ourselves to achieve more and constantly mixing things up to keep things interesting for ourselves.

Here are five important areas where you can find your new normal:

Diet: Slowly over the space of years you can cut out more and more food that doesn’t agree with your body. Keep a food diary to keep track of how you feel after you eat certain things. After researching where your food comes from you might decide to cut down on animal products, processed products, non-organic produce or even cut down on the amount of alcohol you consume. A good place to start is to just try and eat more fruits and vegetables every day instead of all the other stuff!

Exercise: When you first start exercising it is more about introducing the habit into your week and after you have done it for awhile you are bound to see positive changes in your body. After some time you will want to push yourself further to make more changes. Perhaps you want to get stronger or leaner or more toned or run a certain distance or lift a certain amount.

Environment: Learn to keep your living environment clean and clutter free. If you make cleaning and de-cluttering a normal part of your weekly routine you will tolerate much less mess and clutter. Your standards for how you want to live have been raised. When your living environment is in order and you have less belongings to take care of you have more mental space to do other important work. Everything that is ‘unfinished’ in your living environment will also weigh on your mind. Get all projects finished and don’t start any new ones until the old ones are completed. I like to keep a house project list in Trello.

Relationships: We teach people how to treat us with how we love and respect ourselves. When we love ourselves we have boundaries in place and are taking the time to meet our own specific needs each day and every week. When we are really good at meeting our own needs we have more to give others. When you know and are comfortable with who you are, you are happier and better able to connect with those that you love and the other people that you meet.

Time: When we value ourselves and our time we don’t want to waste it on unfulfilling activities or jobs. We will become much clearer as to what we are supposed to be doing on this planet. We will be really careful as to how we spend our precious time. We might cut down on the news, t.v. shows, social media sites, and unproductive internet searching. And instead fill the time connecting with our friends and family and working on projects that we are passionate about.

What are you working on to find your new normal? How are you raising your standards for how you want to live?

Beth xxoo

Here is a great talk from Tony Robbins on creating rituals that help you to raise your standards for your life.

(Photo: Jordan Hile)