I can be hard to self-promote it can sometimes feel a bit icky! Woman especially can struggle with self-promotion because sometimes our unconscious programming is that it is BAD to draw attention to ourselves. To be really successful in business however you have to be constantly self-promoting and promoting your brand – right?

But maybe there is a better way…

Maybe we should quit self-promotion and instead work on giving value and giving back.

When you are just using your social media channels for self-promotion alone you are missing incredibly important connections, relationships, opportunities to spread your message, and ways to get your brand recognised.

When you are just starting out you will just want to pick one social platform (I like Instagram, it’s fun, visual, and you don’t need to take it too seriously!). I think everyone in a 9-5 job should be building their personal brand on the side. Eventually, I believe that we will be free agents and people will find us and we will get work opportunities through social media.

The most important thing when you are starting is to first create a consistent posting habit. Semi-regular posting is far more important than what you post, when you post, or even giving value. The most important thing with anything is to first create the habit and then build on that habit and make it bigger and better as you go along.

If you are working on your personal brand post interesting, engaging things relevant to your life and what you care about. If you are promoting a business brand get REALLY clear on your target audience – who are they, what do they do for fun? Where do they go? What do they eat? etc. and then create really amazing value driven content centred around that.

All of my social channels are still a major work-in-progress so this is definitely something that I will be working on over the next few months. Here are three quick ideas!


I have heard people say “don’t worry about captions just focus on the pictures, no one reads the captions” – but I do! If I read a beautiful heartfelt caption I am way more likely to comment. It’s also a way where you can add extreme value if everyone else is just posting pictures and no information or inspiration then adding a great value filled caption is going to set you apart.

Think about adding your content in a new way. Instead of just putting a quote at the bottom of a picture can you instead make a short video saying the quote and then explaining why you like it. Doing video can be scary – I know! But if everyone is still posting pictures and you are in the 5% posting videos then you are going to be adding way more value plus it allows for a much greater level of connection.

Posts are far more likely to be liked and shared if you use your own photos. When you create your own blog headers plus add original photos it gives your followers a much greater connection to you and your life or your company branding. Start small with creating a regular habit of taking pictures throughout your week. Something I want to do is to build up my own stock photo file on my laptop of images that I can use across my platforms and social media. You own your own images, you can use them again and again if you want to plus they are completely original, which again sets you apart!

When you are constantly giving and sharing with others and they see value in you they will want to give back.

Don’t focus on the money because if you are all about the money then people will sense that from a mile off and you will never get anywhere. Focus on the giving and then put systems in place that will enable people to give back to you when they feel ready.

I think the magic, lucky number is seven! I am not sure why seven seems relevant but basically, you will want to be creating MULTIPLE income streams or ways that people can give back to you to help support you in your work.

Start with only ONE income channel and then master it! Figure out how to create a regular stream of income and then move on to the next channel. Here are some ideas:

Affiliate marketing
Brand sponsorship
Digital downloads
Online programs
Sell a product/service

The list really is endless but obviously, each one will take a considerable amount of time and output to set up and get going. Make sure that some are passive meaning that you don’t have to physically be there to get paid. You can put in the work upfront and then create a regular stream of income ongoing.

Everything that you give will eventually come back to you. So focus on the giving instead of the getting and know that you will always be alright and you will always be provided for!

Beth xx

(Photo: Samuel Scrimshaw)