Human Connection + Social Media

Human Connection + Social Media

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago but I think I will share this today as I plan to be writing more about this topic soon, especially after reading the book Thrive as it has given me lots to think about.

I have thinking quite a lot lately about connection. Connection with ourselves and others and how the internet helps connection and also hinders it. The connections we have over social media platforms will always be a watered down version of what exists in real life. Are we accepting superficial connections over real ones – is this becoming our norm? I feel more and more people are struggling to connect in real life. Wherever I go people are always glued to their phones afraid to make any eye contact or connect in any way with strangers.

I think that the internet can be an amazing tool for connection with like minded people. To feel that you can be part of a community in anything you are interested in with people throughout the world is an incredible thing. Are we becoming more real and authentic with people online however and neglecting to also make those changes in our real life? When we are giving parts of ourselves to people online it is the real people in our life that miss out.

Lately I have been doing a short meditative type practice after my yoga where I would lie in Savasana and listen to one of Evan Rock’s short 10min You Tube video’s, he would talk about subjects such as spirituality, meditation and human connection. I just found out recently that he made his whole YouTube catalogue (300 odd videos) private to step down from social media for awhile and grow in other ways. While I feel a little sad that I can no longer listen to his videos I think it is a sign that I need to be doing my own meditation and not listening to someone else’s meditation so to speak. We have all the answers for everything we want to know within us we need look no where else. I have also heard of other high profile people online taking media breaks.

Personally I also find it incredibly hard to be ‘plugged’ in all of the time. At times it can be incredibly uplifting and motivating to be connected and sharing but it also can quickly become overwhelming and draining to be always reacting to notifications etc. I am trying to find a happy medium and just stay logged out on my phone and then I just log in once per day at the moment to check in. It takes the ‘instantness’ out of it but I think the peace it brings to my day is amazing for right now.

What are your thoughts? Please share below.

Beth xxoo

Update (4.6.16): Evan has made his You Tube library public again and made a beautiful video explaining why:

(Photo: David McEachan)