Internal vs. External Environment

Internal vs. External Environment

I spent some time decluttering over the weekend and significantly reduced the paper kept in my home. That will be a whole other post! While decluttering though I had some thoughts about our inner and outer environment and how everything is all linked and connected. How we treat our home is often a reflection of how we treat our bodies. How strict are you at allowing junk to come into your home? You will find that once you get into some good habits of regularly cleaning and decluttering you are much stricter at what you allow into your home. It is the same with our bodies. Once we start to eat cleaner we know that certain foods are going to make us feel bad and we want to feel great all of the time. It is just not worth it!

Occasionally I have watched the decluttering shows on T.V. in the past. Quite often if a person’s house is cluttered and messy they were also out of shape. There is definitely a link there. When our home is cluttered we are often less motivated to exercise and it is much harder to cook healthy meals in a cluttered kitchen! I find that I am definitely more motivated to cook when I can find everything easily and the bench top is clear and the fridge is nice and clean.

I think clutter can sometimes also be a sign of fear. Fear of change, fear of moving forward, fear of living without a whole bunch of stuff. What we truly need to live well is very little! Are you using clutter as a roadblock? Holding onto unnecessary objects will be affecting us psychologically in some way. Especially objects from the past. Holding onto too many objects from the past from the person that you ‘once’ were can stop you from being the person that you truly are today.

Think about where everything is kept in your home and how it might be affecting you. I have been working on decluttering mine and my husband’s bedroom. The bedroom space is so important. Be really careful about what you keep in there and think about how it might drag you down or build you up!

When you are living in clutter it can weigh you down mentally and physically. It doesn’t even have to be physical clutter. Sometimes our minds are filled with unresolved situations which can stop us from moving forward. What keeps popping up in your mind. Do you need to say sorry to someone? Make a habit of writing down any recurring thoughts and seeing if they can be resolved in some way. Meditation is a great tool for letting go of any recurring thoughts or pain that comes up.

How we treat ourselves and our bodies can also be reflected out into how we treat others. If we are mean, judgemental and critical of ourselves will this also come out in our relationships? Treat yourself well, make sure you meet all of your own needs and that self-love will get reflected back to your family and all of your relationships.

I think of it like a mirror. Everything that you work on internally will then get reflected out and affect your external environment. Vice Versa.

Beth xxoo


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