Listening to Your Own Voice

This post is a little bit of a follow on from Monday’s post and it is about listening to your own voice and becoming more authentic in yourself. Every one of us has a unique, individual voice inside of us that we need to learn to listen to so that we can speak our own truth. What happens when we disregard and minimise our own inner thoughts and feelings? We repress a lot of our emotions.

Constantly repressing our emotions and disregarding our own voice leads to being stuck mentally and emotionally. When we stop valuing and listening to our own voice we are more likely to end up in situations that are not working for us. We might be working in a job where we are not growing or a relationship where we are not connecting and getting our emotional needs met.

We teach others how to treat us with the behavior that we accept. In our relationships, it is important that we speak up about what is in our heart and how we are feeling. Nothing can stay hidden forever – everything comes out eventually one way or another. The longer that feelings are hidden to keep the peace the more likely it is that they will make a big mess when the truth comes out. Life is messy! In order to grow emotionally in yourself and in your relationships, you have to go through messy periods.

We can’t change ourselves to keep everyone else happy all of the time – it is impossible. When we are happy in ourselves we will attract the right people into our lives that are happy with us as we are.

Here are three ways that we can tap into our own inner voice:

Think it out: Plan ahead times where you can be alone with yourself and work through anything that comes up. I love to exercise – I find that when I run, walk or do yoga it really helps me to connect with myself and work through any thoughts and feelings. Everyone is different. You might prefer to paint or do something creative in your ‘alone time’. Sometimes just being mindful and single tasking where possible as you go about your day can help you stay connected to the present moment and how you are feeling.

Write it out: This might be something that you do privately or publically, either way, it is a great way to tap into our recurring thoughts and feelings. I find blogging very therapeutic, often times there are thoughts that will keep popping into my head and writing is a great way to organise those thoughts and get them out. It is like there is an emotional release involved. If you don’t want to have a blog you could try doing Morning Pages – which is to write about whatever you want on three pages of paper every morning and just see what comes up. Or even just keep a simple journal in Evernote. If writing is not your thing you could try doing a recurring video log.

Talk it out: Have regular times that you catch up and talk to the people that you love. I LOVE the idea of having a family meeting once a week to get together and voice any problems or feelings. If you are in a relationship it is a good idea to make time together every day to connect. This could be something as simple as spending twenty minutes together at the start of the day to have breakfast. Often times we don’t spend much time at all connecting with the important people that we live with. We might also be in a work situation where we need to speak up for ourselves more and be heard. It may be hard at first to voice our feelings but over time it will get easier!

What is the best way for you to reconnect with how you are feeling?

Beth xxoo


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(Photo: Teddy Kelley)