I have been getting back into yoga in a big way and I thought I would share my most recent playlist (I am actually thoroughly sick of this playlist now after listening to it for the past few months but hopefully someone out there might enjoy it!). Sorry also for my lack of posting on here I am planning to keep this going and I have so many blog ideas on creativity, workflow, entrepreneurship that sort of thing so I do plan to get back into a regular routine of blogging on here!

Now for the personal yoga update! In the past, I had quite a good (almost!) daily yoga routine. I can’t even begin to tell you how much your life and your whole outlook can change just from doing yoga every day! For maximum benefit a daily practice of around 20-30 mins is ideal. Yes, your body will change but also your level of happiness, positivity and feeling of connection to others. So this year after launching my site EY MAG (currently down for redesign, will be back up on the 8th of May) I really fell off my daily yoga wagon! I have really struggled with the long hours sitting and writing and I have been doing a lot of yoga sculpt and HIIT instead of long yoga flows and while these things keep your body in a reasonable state I definitely notice a difference and felt much better in myself and more confident from doing the long yoga flows. Plus you don’t get anywhere near the same level of flexibility! Yoga also has many mental health benefits and can get you into that creative, focused state better than other forms of exercise.
So that is what I am getting back into and I love it!

Do you do yoga? Have you thought about starting a daily practice?


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