Is health your big rock? It should be. Because if you are not putting health and wellness at the top of your priority list then that means that you are inadvertently prioritising sickness, disease and early death. This might sound harsh but it is a real fact.

Health needs to be your big rock, so that you can then be the best parent, employee, business owner, entrepreneur, spouse, sibling, family member, volunteer, etc. – make health your big rock. If you have children, the best thing that you can do for them right now is to make your health your big rock and ensure that you will still be around to take care of them and help support them in 10,20,30 years time.

So lately I have been making work my big rock – a trap that we all fall into from time to time. It’s hard to balance personal wellness and work. Because the thought always is that ‘money’ and everything that it can provide is the best thing that you can give to others. The reality is that your ‘time’ is the biggest gift that you can give. Your time and attention. Beyond basic needs, all that your children really need is time and attention. You can then enter this into any relationship. All anyone ever wants is your time and attention. Most relationship problems stem from different expectations of time and attention given. Most relationship problems can be fixed by just giving more time and attention.

To have something available to give to others you must first be giving to yourself. When you make health your big rock you prioritise taking care of your body through exercise, rest, and self-loving practices. You then take care of your diet through plenty of home made meals, lots of greens, smoothies, eating whole foods and less processed foods. You also take care of your mind by taking time out, being mindful, meditating, deep breathing and ultimately finding stimulating work that you love.

When you make health your big rock it has a flow on effect. It means that everyone around you will be affected. Taking care of your self is the biggest gift that you can give to the people around you because then you can then inspire them and show them how it is done. Then your children (or future children!) will know that being healthy, regularly exercising, eating well, and being a kind and loving person is important and then they will show that to their children or the people around them!

Change really starts with YOU.

When we fully take care of ourselves then we automatically want to take care of everything around us. Our belongings, the people and animals that we share our planet with, and the beautiful earth that we live on. We have become obsessed with money, consumerism, and accumulation of objects to the absolute detriment of the planet.

Make ONE small change today and make health your big rock.

Yoga/Exercise Update: I am making health my big rock and getting back into shape! I have still been regularly practising yoga but I want to start pushing myself further and practising for more time. I have also started doing HIIT workouts and I am aiming to get back into running. The weather has been awful so looking forward to some sun and lots of runs 😉

Beth xx


My most recent yoga/chill out playlist:

Maybe not the most uplifting playlist – the next one will be better!

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