Making Space in Your Heart

Everyone has a great capacity for love and to be filled with love. When you are following your heart and helping others you feel full inside. We all have space inside, space to be filled with our passions, the things that make our heart happy, and love for others.

There is no limit to the amount of love we can give to others. It is like when you have another child and you think there is no possible way you can love the next child as much as the first one, but you do. Love is not limited to certain relationships. Love knows no limits.

Sometimes we fear the space within – it’s scary to sometimes to leave space that could potentially be filled with pain and loss. These however are normal human emotions and if we never work through any pain we will always be stuck, not growing, not filled. And when we are not filled we have nothing to give to others. When we are not giving to ourselves and filling our hearts with love we cannot give to others.

Through the course of our lives we may try any number of things to fill the space including, addictive behaviours, drugs, alcohol, constant over-scheduling of time, overworking. Anything that keeps us numb and stops us from feeling our emotions. It can be hard to give time to ourselves and feel pain, the pain of others, the pain of the world. It can be overwhelming.

I briefly discussed in ‘Thrive’ the other day where Ariana was talking about how it is important for us all to be tending to our inner garden, she related this to her father who did not do any inner work until the end of his life. There may be a time where you are forced into a situation that is completely out of your control where you really have to look within and do the work because all of the distractions and external things you used to keep yourself so busy no longer exist. With a lot of people this might be when you end up in hospital for the first time.

I was watching some You Tube clips of Hal Elrod the other day (he wrote the book ‘The Miracle Morning’) where he talked about the ‘5 minute rule’ he had that helped him deal with negative emotions. If he knew that he couldn’t change something he would spend 5 minutes feeling bad about it (and even set a timer on his phone!) then change his state to a more positive one and let it go. He discussed how after he was in hospital and told that he might never walk again the staff thought that he was in denial because he was not in a depressed state.

When we work through any pain and practice positive thinking it helps us get to the space. So be careful that you don’t overfill yourself and your heart with the wrong things. When we leave some space and emptiness we are more able to give ourselves to any new connections or new activities that help to keep us happy and in a state of love.

So can you be alone with yourself? Do you know what ‘fills’ you or makes you happy so that you can in return share your heart with others? Please share below!

Beth xxoo


Hal Elron – ‘The miracle morning’ (The 5 minute rule from 26.00)

(Photo: Michal Kulesza)