Edit: After binge-watching ‘Atypical’ on the weekend I am rethinking the word Spectrum 🙂 (such a brilliant, beautiful, funny, heartfelt show though!) I may think of a different word but you get my drift – you could also call it collective consciousness, energy flow, universe whatever, insert chosen word that suits. I also quite like the term ‘source energy’. When you are in a higher level state you are more connected to the source. In a lower level state, there will be a disconnect.  

This post very much relates to my last post and it is all about mindset work and getting you to that higher level energy state.

What is the spectrum?

I only thought of this concept a few days ago and I quite like the word spectrum – it sounds quite pretty and I visualise beautiful rays of light when I think about it which is exactly what I am going to describe.

All of our thoughts and who we think we are, are not really real – they exist on the spectrum.

We can’t have light without darkness. We can’t have anything great or create anything beautiful without a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Pain and suffering also give perspective and a greater understanding to give back and help others. No one state is better than another and we are all on our own journey within the spectrum.

The spectrum is pure energy and starts from low-level energy states like depression, fatigue, apathy, or loss of direction and then moves upwards to high-level energy states like creativity, love, joy, abundance, or giving back to others.

You will notice that at the bottom of the spectrum there is little energy, there is loss, pain, the person might be constantly looking backwards and thinking ‘where did I go wrong’, there are no future plans and the future may seem bleak.

At the top of the spectrum, there is a lot of energy! Goals will be set, plans will be made, the future is bright and exciting, they are so filled with love for themselves that they have plenty to give to others, they are creative and productive, they are using their own unique gifts, they are following their heart and intuition, and they feel very grateful to be alive each day and to have something within themselves to give back to others.

We all give off an energy state that exists somewhere on the spectrum and our thinking, individual thoughts and behaviour patterns all mirror where we are on the spectrum.

Our main problem is that we think too much and associate our thinking, our problems and our thoughts as being ours when they are really not ours at all – they exist on the spectrum. Associating too much of ourselves with our own thoughts/problems separates us from the whole and the flow of energy and when we are separate from the flow that is when we get stuck.

I want you to think about the flow of water, imagine a river flowing. The water is always moving, no matter what happens the water moves, it’s flowing, it’s making a noise, it’s vibrant and beautiful, it’s living. If a large rock or a branch gets in the way, what does the river do? It keeps moving, it might change shape, it might go over it or under it, but it does not stop moving. It keeps moving, it is always moving, there is no stopping the flow of the water.

How is the best way to move from a lower level state on the spectrum to a higher level state?

‘Thinking’ yourself positive does not work. It is the movement. The movement creates flow. Flow creates energy. Energy is what moves you around the spectrum.

Constant movement creates brain connections that would not otherwise exist. Babies brains grow and develop through touch and movement. The constant rocking, swaying, picking up, and putting down is really important for a babies brain development, just like learning to crawl and walk is really important for a toddler. Running, laughing and playing is really important for kids. We can get stuck as adults and forget how to play around with ideas and have fun with our lives.

How do we stay in the flow? We keep moving, we get out of our comfort zone, if we feel excited about making a change or a decision then that MUST provide value to us in some way and then we must do it. If doing something brings us energy and makes us feel excited then we must do more of it. We must always be moving towards what excites us, we will always do our best work when we are excited and passionate about it. If something is not working then we change our approach, if that does not work then we change again. We must be constantly working on ourselves changing, growing and evolving. There is no learning without change and movement.

All of the most successful people in the world will exist upwards on the spectrum. Energy is magnetic. When you are happy and filled with positive energy you attract people to you. Money is really only an exchange of energy. Pure health is also going to be upwards on the spectrum because there is love there and there is movement and there is positive energy. Not sure what to do next? Get outside and move your body, that’s a great place to start, you will get the blood flowing, you will start making those brain connections, you will create health (which ultimately will lead to wealth, you can’t have any wealth without your health!), you will feel excited, and you will create that energy which attracts other people to you.

The energy is where it is at – so get moving!

Beth xx

(Photo: Sorasak)