What I am up to right NOW!

Working on:  Content for Everyday Young + getting to grips with all things social media 😉

Thinking about: How everything is such a gift and how precious life is ♥

WIP Habits: I have been really slacking off on my yoga practice in favour of HIIT workouts. I really want to get back into doing long yoga flows again. 5AM club is going well. Create something super meaningful to get up early for and you really have no choice but to get up!

Listening to: This song. Getting back into post-rock!

Reading: ‘I Know How She Does It’ by Laura Vanderkam. She suggests doing a one week time log of each half hr so I might try that out next week – always horribly failed at these things in the past!

Watching: I watched The Intern with Anne Hathaway last weekend – quite inspiring! It was a little long and rambly but I like how it ended 🙂 Just started watching the tv series ‘Scandal’.

Beth xxoo

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