Practices in Self-Care

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare”. – Audre Laude

I watched this amazing TEDx talk over the weekend. I really recommend that you watch it as it is brilliant and it coincides completely with my whole theme for my new site project.

A big takeaway that I got from this is that our mental health can manifest itself negatively in our bodies. When we are mentally stressed and not taking care of our mental and emotional needs it can make us physically sick also. Everything is connected!

Another powerful part of her speech was when she showed the plane safety instructions of the lady first putting her own oxygen mask on first before she helps the child. If we don’t help ourselves first we are no good to anyone else! It is so important that we meet our own needs first so that we will have a much greater capacity to help others.

I was really busy last week trying to get my new site up for the beginning of this month and everything was taking longer than expected and I was pretty much working 24/7 and I got really frustrated. During this process I stopped taking care of myself. I stopped yoga, I stopped meditation, I did not read or do anything relaxing, and I stopped taking my vitamins. Because I stopped meeting all of my needs my mood started to go downhill. My sleep also suffered and I started waking up wide awake at 3am. I think there is a big connection between sleep and our mood.

So I am back to doing my one hour miracle morning each day. I think giving myself that one whole hour each morning will help set me up holistically for the day:

-To be better connected with my family.
-To be in a place where I am focused and motivated with my work.
-To be able to give and share more of myself online and otherwise.
-To be happy and stay high-vibe. ?
-To stay physically fit and healthy.

I recently found Tai Lopez online and have been really enjoying his thoughts and insights. Here is a fantastic video where he discusses how our health is really the MOST important thing and how as an entrepreneur you have the ability to balance and plan your work around staying healthy! So motivating!!

Try and find a whole hour in your day to just completely give to yourself.

Do you struggle with staying balanced and holistically healthy?

Beth xxoo


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