I wrote this blog a few weeks ago and then I did not post…still working on my own self-censorship 🙂

Before Kanye West had his supposed mental breakdown and got rushed to the hospital at the end of last year he said a whole bunch of interesting stuff. He used his platform, his concerts, and his interviews in hopes to blow the lid of some dodgy stuff that was going on higher up than even him. Some of it was said very articulately, some of it was pure ranting but if you put it all together it all makes perfect sense. You have to understand that he probably has huge amounts of people that control him, there is a lot of money at stake if he does not perform as expected and for him to speak out he is risking his entire career.

In his last interview, he alluded to the idea that each and every child is born an artist and it is the environment and the system that fails them. The environment is such that there is no need for higher up control because we already impose many limits on ourselves because we don’t want to step out of the line of what is normal and ‘accepted’ – so we are essentially free but not free. The system is designed so that we control ourselves, we don’t step out of line, we don’t speak our truth because basically, we don’t want to get labelled as crazy. It is peer controlled.

For true creativity, we need to have self-belief and we have to let go of any limitations. There are so many limitations when you are starting a business or creating anything. It can be very frustrating. Because we are brought up in environments with so much limitation as adults we can then find it really hard to see what could be possible for ourselves. A lot of the limits that we place on ourselves are not outside of ourselves they are within our own minds. So each day we are battling against ourselves to try and reprogram our brain patterns into something new. Something that says that we can do what ever we want.

If we believe it then we can do it.

Another big thing that is happening at the moment is corporate censorship. All of the big giants Facebook, Google, You Tube etc. now have complex algorithms that decide on what information gets shown to you. The more ‘mass marketable’ things will show up. The internet has been amazing because we have been exposed to all kinds of ideas that help to encourage us to think for ourselves. It is really important that you create your own platform outside of Facebook, You Tube, Instagram etc. because your work can get flagged or taken down at any moment – back up everything!

As a creator, you are also going to be limited by your environment because in order to create anything of value in this world you will need to have people around you who believe in you and are supporting you. You also have to have the ability to seek out the right people to help you on your mission. Not a day goes by where I think about taking this blog down. But I worry if I do then I would be self-censoring and I am trying really hard not to do that. Because we need more people in this world who are not afraid to speak out for those things that they believe in to make a better world.

Beth xx

(Photo: Julien Lin)