Shifting Your Energetic State

We all go about our day in a certain energetic state. Some of us can stay in a state that is relatively constant and less reactive to our environment. While others of us might have huge highs and lows depending on what is going on outside of ourselves.

It is important to ‘check in’ with ourselves throughout the day and see what state of mind we are in and how it may be affecting our thoughts and feelings. If you feel that you are in a bad mood or in a negative or low energetic state you absolutely have the power to change your thinking and uplift yourself to a more positive thinking state.

If we go about our day in a negative state of mind we will automatically be more fearful, less connected to others, more withdrawn into our own problems/worries, we could also be more hateful, judgemental and competitive with others.

When you are in a positive (or higher) energetic state we are more loving and accepting of others, little slights do not bother us, we will feel more connected to the people around us and are more caring and less preoccupied with our own problems.

Sometimes we may have been trapped in the same negative thinking patterns for so long that this lower level state becomes our ‘normal’. When you start to change your thinking and become more positive it is easier to recognise when you are having an ‘off’ day. So I had a morning last week where everything was ‘off’ and several things did not go to plan and I was generally in a bad mood. I think I may have also subconsciously been picking up on the other people’s Christmas shopping stress around me. So this lasted maybe an hour or two and then I was thinking about just giving up on the things I had planned to do then I stopped and really thought, why am I feeling bad? Is there any reason why I can’t turn this around carry on my day and think some more positive things? And it worked I completely shifted my mental state within about 5 minutes.

So make sure you check in with yourself today. How are you feeling? And remember that no one else can make us feel anything. We have the power over our own feelings and our energetic state and we also have the power to keep it positive.

Beth xxoo

(photo: Austin Schmid)