Soothing Yoga Playlist

This is a two-hour long compilation of some tracks that I have been enjoying lately while I do yoga or relax. It is a large random mix! I hope you enjoy it πŸ˜‰

Now for the yoga update! My practice has been a bit sporadic lately. My daughter started evening sports for the Summer so I switched my yoga practice to in the morning. I actually love practising in the morning I love how it sets you up positively for the day! If I miss the morning I generally do an evening practice. I can now lift both legs in wheel pose but for some reason, one side of my body is stronger than the other as initially, I could only do one side! I am now going to practice holding the pose for longer. My right arm is way stronger than my left also I think this is from lifting my son he prob weighs almost 20kg!

An exciting thing that I have been doing lately is incorporating weights into my yoga practice! You can too. Here is an example workout that I did the other day – yoga with weights. I am starting with 2.5kg weights. I plan to increase the size as I develop more strength. I have also been doing some HIIT style workouts and I try and do five mins of strength training here and there during the day when I can.

Happy yoga practice!

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Joseph Barrientos)