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Hi There, My name is Bethany but I am happy for you to call me Beth!

I currently live in Auckland, New Zealand with my equally energetic family which consists of my Husband, our ten-year-old Daughter, four-year-old Son and our seven-year-old German Shepherd called Abbie.

I started a daily yoga practice almost a year ago and I am in love ♥.
I also try to run a few times a week and I am really passionate about Natural Health. I try to live my life and bring up my kids as drug-free as possible! I think pharmaceuticals can mess up the natural state of our bodies and cause more trouble than they are worth. I also believe in eating a diet that is mostly plant-based if possible. I eat 99% vegan and the rest of my family eats mostly plant-based with only small amounts of meat/dairy. I strongly believe that we should all be mindful of the planetary impact that our choices can have.

I blog here on mostly self-development topics such as exercise, entrepreneurship, creativity, productivity, time management and also self-love and natural health. I am a strong believer in Attachment Parenting and forming loving connections with others.

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I hold several qualifications in Clothing Design and Bachelor of Business majoring in Entrepreneurship with a focus on environmental sustainability. I worked for years in sales and then helped to manage several small businesses from home for many years while my children were small. I have always been all things design and business obsessed!

I am have just launched a Web Magazine called Everyday Young which has a focus self-love, natural health and positive ageing. I blog a lot on here about the process of launching a business with a focus on creative entrepreneurship – right brains do business differently!!

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Beth xxoo