The Cost of True Happiness

What is the price of your happiness and how much will it cost you? I watched this video last week by Gary Vaynerchuck and it really hit home for me and I loved some of the comments from people who had put their mental health and overall happiness over a life or a job that they ultimately were not enjoying.

Our health is EVERYTHING and that includes our mental health.
We cannot work or do ANYTHING valuable if we are not healthy!

I read an old article in RED Magazine while I was at the hairdressers last week and it was filled with complaints from a lady whose family had been hit hard during the recession. The main gist of the article was that her husband had lost his job and he was now earning far less and they had lost their house and they were having trouble keeping up with their friends who appeared to be doing well. She had chosen to stay home and be with her children and freelance part-time as a writer. If you have chosen a path for you or your families well-being that leads to less money – own it! Don’t ever complain about it. Happiness is a choice. We have a choice every day to choose to be happy. Don’t waste your time comparing yourself to people that are supposedly better off in your mind. Everyone has their own unique struggles. There are times when you will be up and there are times when you will be down!

We live in a society that seems to think that our happiness is going to cost a lot. It is going to cost many difficult hours studying, long hours at a job we don’t really like, and when we have put in the long hours eventually we get to buy the things that we think will bring us happiness. Things do not ever equal happiness!! Surprisingly we can be happy with very little. I am following a yogi on Instagram who recently posted that she was far happier last year when she was travelling in a van living off $5 a day. When we are at the end of our life we won’t be thinking at all about the things that we have accumulated along the way, we will be thinking about all of the people that mattered to us and the experiences that shaped us.

Are you living a life that you have consciously chosen or one that someone else has chosen for you?

So many people are living a life for other people that is going to make other people happy. Our life is far too short to be living someone else’s dream for us. As we get older we will care far less what everyone else thinks about us as Gary talks about in his happiness video. It will be hard for a long time and there are people that might get angry and upset with you. I was watching Evan Rock the other day and he was talking about how in our society we like to put people in boxes. People that you know will have you in a certain box in their mind and when you quit your job or sell your house or pursue a completely new career they are guaranteed to get upset with you or think that you are crazy!

To make any kind of difference or change in this world you NEED to be crazy – so get CRAZY!

So what is standing in the way of your true happiness? Is it the big house you never spend time in because you are working 80 hours a week at a job you hate, the new second car that you will never really drive, the fancy travel and restaurant meals with friends that you don’t really enjoy. What will it ultimately cost you? Your happiness, your health, or even your life?

What CRAZY thing are you doing RIGHT NOW that is making you happy?

Beth xxoo