The Number One Reason Why We Fail at New Habits

The Number One Reason Why We Fail at New Habits

This is the number one reason why I think we fail at integrating new habits or carrying on with new projects that we start:

We. Get. Bored.

So there you have it – boredom. We when first start something new it is really exciting! We have changed our normal routine up in some way, joined a new gym, started a new writing habit, began a new healthy eating plan or finally started working on that new business idea. Starting new things is exciting and we feel like we are making progress or growing in some way. Humans are happiest when they are always in a state of growth. Then we add it into our routine and it becomes a usual part of our life and our weekly routine. At some point we will often fall off the wagon and stop what we started – why? Because we get bored. How do we stop ourselves from getting bored? We have to keep it interesting for ourselves. We have to always be working to keep life interesting!

Here are four ways that we can keep new habits interesting for ourselves:

1. Change up your routine: Routines can help integrate new habits into your day/week but they don’t help them stay there. Routines get boring very quickly. Doing the same things every day does not lead to an interesting, exciting life. I wrote a post the other week about planning things into your weekend to make it more exciting. Really we need to be doing the same things with our weekdays – more especially if we work for ourselves or have the ability to choose our own hours. There is no reason why entrepreneurs need to be doing the same 9-5 just because everyone else is.

2. Share your progress: Post your progress on a blog or post photos to an Instagram account. Sharing helps us connect with others on a similar journey and we can get support and advice. It is also a great tool to look back and see your own progress – how you have grown and what you have learned along the way. I love to look back on people’s Instagram accounts and see how they got started. I think it is such a shame when people delete all of their beginning photos! I love to see the ‘journey’ or the ‘growth’ that got them to where they are now.

3. Setting weekly goals:
Goals help us to hold ourselves accountable. Something that I am thinking about doing soon is on Sunday evening setting a few big goals for the upcoming week. I think daily goals can often fail because it can get boring doing the same things every day at the same time. So for example, my goals for the week might be say 5 hours yoga practice – work on 2-3 poses, 20 hours work on my new site and then list a few big tasks that I plan to achieve towards that for the week. Then not worry so much about when I get the work done just work or do yoga whenever I feel inspired to do it. I like the idea of achieving big goals every week.

4. Let inspiration flow:
If you feel inspired to work on something – do it! When we are inspired and ideas are flowing we are far more likely to achieve much more and to be far happier than when we are forcing ourselves to do something because that’s what our calendar says we should be doing at that time. I still think we need to have a loose plan to our days/weeks but we need to keep it really flexible. We still need to be planning things in advance but how about we also plan ‘free’ time for spontaneity. I don’t like the idea of our calendars being completely filled. Some of the best ideas and creativity can come from supposedly ‘unproductive’, unscheduled time.

If we get bored and we can’t find a way to keep it interesting for ourselves then perhaps it wasn’t for us. There is no problem with letting something go that wasn’t for us – life should be fun. Not a constant struggle. We shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves all of the time. We should be always trying out new fun things to keep life interesting!

How do you like to keep your new habits and goals interesting for yourself?

Beth xxoo