Tips For Changing Your Diet

I am always tweaking and changing my diet – it is a constant work in progress! I currently eat a gluten-free pescetarian diet but I am hoping to cut down significantly on fish and eggs this year. I am finding that since I went pescetarian my body is more sensitive to the bacteria and toxins in the fish and eggs and I have been sick a lot after eating them. I think it is really just my body telling me not to eat them! I also feel much better usually on a very low dairy diet. I ate high dairy when I was pregnant and breastfeeding my son as I felt that I needed to but since then I have been slowly cutting it out again as I have noticed negative results in my overall skin health whenever I eat dairy. I think the key really is to listen to our bodies and pay attention when we feel not the best after eating something!

Writing in a food diary can help I have personally never done this but I think it is a great idea if you are constantly getting sick and you are not sure what the culprit is. I think all of my food problems/allergies are linked to gut health and excess inflammation in my body. I was on antibiotics alot as a teenager and I had it in labour with both of my children and I think there is definitely a link between that and my inability to digest gluten so this year I also want to work on eating more healing probiotic rich and fermented foods.

Here are some tips to help you with any change in your diet:

Start with one meal a day: Breakfast is a nice easy meal to start with as you are usually at home when you eat it and you can keep it really simple if you are time poor. A smoothie is a great thing to have for breakfast and you can fill it with extra vitamins and minerals.

Set one day a week for meal prepping: I have recently made Sunday my meal prep day, even in one hour you can prep quite a few things for the week ahead. I currently make yoghurt and popcorn for my kids. I also cook brown rice and make hummus. Sometimes I will do batch of muffins. I have been buying my kids fresh Minestrone soup sachets from the supermarket which they really enjoy but I have decided that I am going to start cooking soup batches and freezing them as it is probably healthier for me to make it for them – there will be less salt!

Meal plan: Plan out your dinners a week/two weeks in advance and make a shopping list of all the necessary ingredients and make a regular shopping day. If you cut down on shopping trips you are less likely to make bad choices or fall back on old habits. Better yet shop online and get your food delivered!

Clean out your fridge at least once a week: I find that when I can see what’s in my fridge easily and it is organised I eat much healthier and I am more likely to use up leftovers instead of snacking.

Cook extra food: At dinner time you can cook extra that you can then eat for lunch the following day or freeze for another night. Nice and easy!

What are you hoping to change in your diet for 2016?

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Anthony Delanoix)