Uplifting Yoga Playlist!

Surprisingly my first ever yoga playlist that I posted to this blog is getting a lot of hits! I haven’t posted a yoga playlist in a while so I thought I would put together a new one. My last playlist was very chilled and low key so this one is definitely more uplifting! This is a long modern playlist suitable for all types of yoga.

I also thought that from now on when I post a new playlist I will also do a quick yoga update. This blog is mainly for my own personal development and accountability!

I have been trying to regularly do 15-20mins of yoga both morning and night. Ideally, I would like to be doing more yoga in the evening! I have definitely noticed that although I am still making a little bit of progress it has plateaued somewhat. Recently I have been able to lift a leg in wheel pose which is exciting! But I need to do a lot more hip openers as I can’t lift it very high! Because the weather has been warmer I have been doing a lot more running instead but this also makes my hamstrings really tight so I really need to make sure that I do ten minutes of yoga after each run! I am also trying to add in some more strength training exercises – I feel like my upper body is weaker than my lower body and this is holding me back in terms of getting into some of the harder yoga poses πŸ™‚

How is your yoga practice going? Happy practicing! β™₯

Beth xxoo


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(Photo: Kristopher Allison)

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