Is Your Victim Mentality Getting In The Way of Ach...

Is Your Victim Mentality Getting In The Way of Achieving More in Your Life?

I was talking to a friend recently about exercise and working out ways to find more time and space to exercise in their life. Instead of brainstorming some possible solutions to finding more time/ways to exercise they proceeded to list all of the reasons why they could not exercise, some of these included it’s too cold (it’s winter here), busy with kids, busy with work – you name it the general excuses, ahem reasons.

It’s important to note that all of the reasons listed were things outside of themselves that they had no way of controlling. Really the only person you can control is yourself, you are the only person you can control! You control if you get up earlier, you control if you take a walk at lunchtime, you are responsible for the food you put into your body – no one else!

From time to time we may start to feel overwhelmed in our life and feel that things are outside of our control and we are just reacting to whatever is going on around us – and to be honest we all probably do this at times.

The trouble is that we can get ‘stuck’ in this way of thinking and put ourselves into a victim status and blame our failings on the people/things outside of our control.

Whatever you want to achieve in your life if you have the will and determination to do it you can find a way to achieve it. Don’t be a victim and take back your power. You create time for what is important to you! Take back the control of your life and your everyday choices!!

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Marcus Lindvall)