What Does Health Look Like?

This post is a follow on from a previous post titled ‘Be The Change!’. In that post, I talked a little bit about how we have become so far removed from health in our society that we can struggle to see what true health looks like and how we need to be living and sharing about what we believe in. Basically, I was talking about how we need to be the change we wish to see!

So WHAT DOES a healthy person look like? Since this post I have thought about this matter quite a bit and I think sometimes we can get really stuck in our thinking and have one picture of what health looks like in our mind – especially in our society!

There are so many different ways to be healthy – and I have definitely learned that there is NO ‘one size fits all approach’.

There is no one diet that makes you healthy or one form of exercise that makes you healthy. It is a complete mind-body process of figuring out what works for you. I also believe that good health is an ongoing process of small, daily wins that lead to much larger, improved health wins over time.

A person can look for all intensive purposes fit and healthy on the outside but can be really mentally unhealthy on the inside. A really fit, toned body does not necessarily equal a healthy mind. I am following a fitness coach on Instagram who recently posted that she was sick of following all of the fitness fanatics that posted endless close-up comparison pictures of their own bodies and were obsessive about portion control and fat intake – she thought that this whole mindset is unhealthy – especially for any young girls that might follow them and I completely agree!! I don’t really follow a lot of these types of people I mainly follow yogi’s of all different shapes and sizes. What I love about yoga is that it teaches you that there is DEFINITELY no one size yoga body. Overall body strength comes in so many different shapes and sizes!

It is NOT our place to judge anyone else for what they choose to do with their own bodies. That goes for their behaviour, what they choose to eat or not to eat and how they choose to present themselves to the world. We can only live in accordance with our own values and continue to work on ourselves. We have a huge body shaming philosophy in our culture. Women are picked apart far more often than men over how they look, how they dress, how they age, and how sexual they are. How about we just love and accept each other instead of trying to find flaws? To love and accept others we first need to love and accept ourselves – accept that we are not perfect, we don’t have all of the answers, and we are all still learning and growing and that is what makes us human.

When we are healthy on the inside it will shine out.

True health is internal. It is about body acceptance, self-love and constantly nourishing and looking after ourselves. Sometimes that might mean that we take a break from exercising or we go out and not worry about how what we eat or drink might affect us the next day, it is part of being a balanced person internally and externally. Health all starts within! We reflect externally the internal work that we have put into our body.

I strongly believe that our mental strength will lead to overall physical strength in time. There is no one path to ultimate health, there are so many paths and it is a continual journey – it never ends!! We are all unique individuals with different needs and feelings. The first step to shining out your inner health externally is developing a healthy mind.

How are you working on your healthy mindset?

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Jenna Beekhuis)