What You Put In You Get Out

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” – Neale Donald Walsh

I have been thinking a lot lately about work ethic and how the time and energy that you put into anything is ultimately what you get back. This goes for absolutely all areas of your life. Sometimes in order to grow as a person, we need to get out of our comfort zone and do things that are really uncomfortable to help us to move forward. I read somewhere the other day that when you feel fear it is actually a good thing and it is probably a sign that you are moving in the right direction! The trick is to keep taking action and moving through fear so that we can keep growing and developing ourselves.

Personal Development + Business Development = Entrepreneurship

I watched this brilliant documentary the other day about Steve Aoki. His work ethic is amazing! He is a true entrepreneur. It is hard to say whether he is driven by passion or addiction and that is something that they definitely touch on in the film. I think it is hard really to have passion without addiction. So you have to find the thing that you are most passionate about above all else! He is constantly pushing through his comfort zone, and pushing himself to the extreme in the name of his art.

If you feel that you are a bit stuck or not growing in the content that you are producing right now perhaps you might need to work harder, get out of your comfort zone and put more time and energy into developing yourself. I was listening to a talk by Alex Ikonn the other day on YouTube (talk starts at 7.40) and he discussed this QVCA formula which you can use to regularly check in with yourself and work on improving all of your creative offerings.

Four areas for self-development by Alex Ikonn:

1. Quality: Quality is definitely important. But I think this is a place where a lot of creative people can get stuck. Sometimes being creative is about letting go of quality. Producing things as rough and raw and still a work in progress. Put things out into the world that are unfinished and let others see the journey and the creative process. Let go of perfection.

2. Value: Think about how you can give more value in everything that you are putting out. Can you write amazing Instagram captions, improve your blog content, or give more of your knowledge to help others. The value that you give will be ultimately what keeps people coming back to you so always think about how you can give more and add more value in everything that you create.

3. Consistency: Alex says that this is the number one important thing! Developing consistency. I have talked about this also in the past as I have noticed that the people that I follow who are not consistent are not really growing their subscriber base. Consistency is something that I really struggle with on Instagram. I think sometimes you really need to plan periods for creative work into your week – it can’t always be spontaneous! You have to make time for it and plan out posts a few days or even a week in advance.

4. Authenticity:
Finding your authentic voice can take time and might not happen until you have been working on your art for awhile. Don’t be afraid to be innovative and stand alone in your style, brand, content, and message. In the documentary, Steve found recognition and success from blending different music styles together that had never been done before. Regularly check in and decide whether what you are creating is authentic to who you are and if it isn’t? Don’t be wary of changing it at any time.

I plan to work on consistency for my Instagram. What will you work on? πŸ™‚

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Julian Lavallee)

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