What Is Your Focus?

What are you focusing on everyday? Whatever is in your focus becomes your reality.

I have been focusing a lot on my clutter lately (you can read about it here and here) in efforts to get my house back into a clear uncluttered space. But I think I am going about it all wrong because whatever is in your focus is what you see everyday – and it becomes your reality. I could have the most clear, clean and uncluttered space but if my focus is on clutter I will still see clutter.

You could also relate this to body image or anything else that holds your focus daily. Not happy with parts of body? Don’t ever tell yourself that. When you look in the mirror focus on the good parts of yourself and dress to highlight them. There is nothing more attractive than someone with confidence who loves themselves and their body no matter what their size or shape. When you love yourself you are extra careful about what food you might put into your body and you prioritize healthy movement into your day.

So instead of focusing on what we don’t want we need to shift that focus into what we do want and that will lead to more of the same.

Here are five tips to help you change your focus:

1. Constantly tell yourself more of the things you want. So when I wake up in the morning I will look around and tell myself that I live in a beautiful, clear, uncluttered space.

2. Surround yourself with visual reminders of the things you want more of in your life. Create a vision board or slideshow of inspirational images that relate to your focus. Mine will be of clear uncluttered spaces that inspire me.

3. When you want to work on your focus make sure you are in a space where energetically you are attracting what you want more of. So when I want to clean and declutter I will make sure I am in a mood that is happy and upbeat. One way I could do this is to play uplifting music to help get me into the right head space.

4. Make sure you are taking action on your focus everyday. It’s one thing to change your thinking and look at inspiring images but equally as important to be taking action on your focus as action leads to more of the same. So in order for me to take action I might make a list of spaces that need clearing and spend 30 minutes taking action every day.

5. Love your life. Be grateful and enjoy everyday and how beautiful all that everything is. How amazing is it that we have the choice to get out of bed everyday and move our bodies, that we even have so many possessions that we can spend time and energy getting rid of things and organising!

What is your positive focus and what are you grateful for?

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Greg Rakozy)