“Great minds discuss ideas
Average minds discuss events
Small minds discuss people”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

I recently discovered Dr Bruce Lipton and his work on epigenetics and how our thinking and belief systems can influence our health and creativity – his ideas are all very interesting. He talks about how our creativity, higher level thinking, focus and flow comes from the present moment aka ‘the conscious brain’ and that 95% of the time we operate from our subconscious brain and our subconscious programming that occurs in the first seven years of our life.

Does creativity come from our subconscious or conscious thought?

Bruce thinks that we are truly conscious only about 5% of the time the rest of the time we are simply ‘running the program’ in beta mode (that is the programme that was taught to us within the first seven years of life). He believes that the times that we are most conscious is when we are waking up or going to sleep, when our brain is in a theta state, or nearing or coming out of that state (must be why I keep waking up in the middle of the night to go do work!). Reprogramming our brain when we are in that semi-conscious theta state can help us to ‘rewrite’ any negative thought patterns or belief systems within our subconscious.

I often get ideas when I am supposedly ‘not thinking’ when I am just waking up or falling asleep. I will often get huge downloads for writing just as I am falling asleep and I will think I should write this down or record it – but then I never do and the next day when I want to sit down to write I can struggle with ideas. Strangely enough, I have had this happen since I was a child but I largely ignored it! I will also get lots of ideas in the shower or when I am out walking or running. The idea for my site came when I was waking up one day and then the name also came to me in the same way when I was half asleep supposedly in theta brain waves.

Nothing is sometimes everything, everything means something, everything is connected, and if something is important to you – then it is important!

One thing that we do know is that creativity cannot exist in a fear based environment. It is very hard to let go of fear and live your life free of all fear. When we are living in fear we automatically want to have power and control over others and we can find it hard to let the people around us be free, have different ideas and opinions from our own and fully express themselves.


1. Get a little notebook, take it with you everywhere and record EVERYTHING! I have been trying to record snippets on my phone in the notes section but I am not always consistent – plus phones are distracting! you might pick up your phone to record something and instead do something entirely different on it.

2. Another way is to learn to use your phone recorder and record thoughts and ideas when you are out walking. You can also ‘talk to text’ into your computer to help to store any ideas. There are even apps for all of this!
Try morning pages as soon as you get up to help you do a big brain dump of all recurring thoughts, feelings and ideas.

3. First thing in the morning as soon as you wake up is such a powerful time to try and work on new habits, change thinking patterns and do any high-level creative work that requires flow – your brain is fresh. It is hard to get to that same place if you have already have gone out, spent time with other people and then unknowingly absorbed a lot of other peoples limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns.

4. Don’t allow your precious brain space to be filled up on a daily basis with everyone else’s problems, status updates, the news etc, the death and destruction of the world. There will simply be no space left and as I said before you can’t be creative in a fear-filled environment! That does not mean that you never do these things it just means that you do it in a conscious way when you choose to check in with the world – you do. Many people live in auto pilot watching the news every night over dinner. Think about how watching this in an unconscious way which is guaranteed to be more than 95% negative and fear-filled is going to affect you on a daily basis – no thanks! Also when you allow yourself to see human suffering on a daily basis you can become ‘immune’ to it and I think it can lower your empathy towards others. Eliminate fear and create masses of space for love.

5. Store everything in a trusted system like Evernote and learn to use the tagging system for later reference (something I need to do! I have bits and bobs all over the place). You can even store all of your voice recorded ideas in Evernote.

You never know how all of these seemingly meaningless or simple ideas can connect down the road!

Beth xx

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(Photo: Rowan Heuvel)