Living and Working in Beta

When a piece of software or a new system is released in Beta it means that it still has the odd bug or problem to be fixed and the company doesn’t quite know exactly how it is going to work until the actual users are using it and finding out all of the problems as they go along! A lot of programs actually stay in Beta mode so that they can keep changing and updating their system continuously which can sometimes be frustrating for the users but I think we all need to get used to this idea of continuous change. That means that nothing is ever ‘finished’ or ‘perfect’ and everything is continuously evolving or improving.

So I have decided that we should all be approaching life, our health and our work in Beta mode. For work it means that you work on projects without the fear of failure – something doesn’t work? Fix it and move along. We need to get over the idea of something being ‘perfect’ before we release it into the world. And actually there is no ‘perfect’ – it is this false ideal of perfection that never exists and actually everything is already perfectly imperfect.

It is the same for exercise – there should be no end level of perfection/perfect bodily ideal and I think sometimes setting goals can be self limiting. Exercise should be focused on continuous improvement, putting ourselves out there and enjoying the journey and the process. That way it is more likely to become a daily habit that we enjoy. I love Neghar Fonooni’s site and her article on how to get a Bikini Body – aka put a bikini on your body! Would you not wear a bikini because you don’t have the ‘perfect’ body for it or not run because you are not ‘perfectly’ in shape for it or not do yoga because you can’t do some of the poses? To get anywhere you have to start and you have to get out there and you have to enjoy it!!

You are already perfect just as you are. What you have to create and offer the world is already perfect in its imperfect state. Put yourself or something you have created out there, continue to make it beautiful and learn and grow in the process.

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Ben Warren)