WIP Habits: Decluttering + 3 Methods

Welcome to my informal WIP or ‘work in progress’ posts where I chat about something in my life that I am currently working on. I have done one of these before about my morning routine. Now I am chatting about all things decluttering. I have talked a bit about decluttering in the past. At the start of the year, I did a big declutter and got rid of quite a lot of things that we were no longer using. I still have quite a few areas however that did not get quite finished or need some ‘touch-up’ maintenance work. Particularly my garage which did not get touched during the last declutter!! I like to do a large declutter probably 2-3 times per year. Ideally, you would make decluttering a constant part of your life which I have been getting much better at doing. I find each time I declutter there is less to sort through and it is much quicker to get everything how you want it to be.

We used to live with a lot more ‘things’ than we do now. At one point we were looking for a bigger house because we couldn’t deal with the size of our current house! Many decluttering sessions later our house feels plenty big enough for all of us.

Less stuff = less to take care of = more time for bigger and better things!

I am planning to throw myself into setting up my new site soon so I think now is a great time to clear out any unused belongings to make space for new ideas and to bring new energy and life into my home and the space in which I work. Two particular areas that I am really excited to work on are my office space and my new yoga area. I want to get my office all set up so it is really easy to find everything that I need to do focused work and also to make it a really inspiring place to be. We have a small area of our bedroom that is largely being used a storage facility which there is really no need for as we have plenty of other areas in our house that are actually for storage! I have decided that I will set this up as my new yoga area. It currently contains a large file cabinet full of papers that we don’t really look at. I would really love to go paperless in the future or at least minimise the paperwork right down!

Here are three of the most popular de-cluttering methods:

1. The room by room approach: This is how I have been de-cluttering for years and it works quite well for me. I used to do a spreadsheet in google drive but this time, I am going to use Trello. I have set up a board for each room and then listed the main areas that need work. I like to break it down to make it seem easier then you can just schedule one thing for each day if you wish so it does not seem overwhelming. Some of my rooms only have two to three areas that I need to work on. Our bedroom and our kitchen need the most work! But even then there is not a lot to be done as I have been consistently keeping up with it. What I like with the room by room approach is that you start with one room and make it so amazing that you are motivated to do the rest of the house so you can get the same effect everywhere!

2. The packing party: This a decluttering concept was invented by The Minimalists. Basically, you pack up all of your belongings in boxes and label them as if you were going to move. Then you find and get each belonging out when you actually need to use it! I think this method would be great had you actually moved. I can’t imagine doing it as a family! When you have kids you just have a huge amount of extra things. This method would be great I think for a single person or couple living in an apartment to see what it is that you actually need/use.

3. Konmari method/declutter by category: This popular and revolutionary decluttering approach was created by Marie Kondo. You must declutter your home in categories. There is an order to it – here is a great list if you want to try it. You must pick up each item and feel it and see if it ‘sparks joy’. I have started it before but got I stuck on the papers category then went back to the room by room approach! She has some really good advice on paperwork though which I think I will find really useful when sorting through my file cabinet.

How do you like to declutter?

Beth xxoo


My all time favourite decluttering book.